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Dr. Charles Kwang, D.C.

Our staff includes a chiropractor and acupuncturist, and deep tissue therapists. Our holistic healing office provides an integrated medicinal therapy – combining an individualized plan to supplement modern medicine with chiropractic, acupuncture, deep tissue therapy and Chinese healing herbs.

We can help when no one else can! Kwang Wellness Center is the premier clinic in Los Angeles serving the world and with alternative Chinese Herbs and Vitamin Teas, consistently helping heal the illness of HERPES and CANDIDA. Doctors say there is no cure for herpes but now there is. Of course once one is healed it can be contacted by someone else, so making new decisions on helping others not spread herpes and getting it handled for society is worth helping others through.

Dr. Kwang trained as a classical chiropractor who went to school at Southern California University of Health Sciences and graduated December 2001. He was interested in the cause of pain helping you get to the core of the issue healing from the inside out. The technique Dr. Kwang specializes in is Gonstead chiropractic. The Gonstead technique was named after Clarence Gonstead, and it focuses on using x-rays and a instrument to find a subluxation. He uses the Gonstead technique because it helps explains the “why” aspect of the mechanism that caused pain. There are objective findings found by x-rays and the instrument, which indicate a subluxation.

Subluxation is a joint misalignment causing nerve irritation joint irritation. Subluxation affects the spine and the pelvis joints. Diagram of subluxation. From 2001 to 2003, I practiced the Gonstead technique and found the power of finding this why of people’s problems. The correction to a subluxation removed the pain and allowed my patients to return to their normal lives.

I was practicing Gonstead chiropractic and I was getting mixed results with chronic pain. I realized Gonstead chiropractic was very effective for acute back pain and disc herniations. I was troubled that some of patients complained of the same problem after a few days. Fixing the subluxation was not a permanent fix to some with other health problems. I discovered that there exists a deeper cause of chronic subluxations other than malformed bones and joints.

Most people enjoy going to see their chiropractors to alleviate their musculoskeletal pains. The chiropractic adjustments and massages are very comfortable for most people. But some seek chiropractic care and find no solution their pains. Their pains are deeper and other medical issues occur simultaneously, for example a fungus, parasite, bacteria or metals. So I began clinical research, and I found that the cause of all chronic problems is the same. The difference is the degree of damage to the body. An example of degree of damage is low back pain in one spot all the time vs. low back pain shooting down the leg. The difference is how much more the body can compensate for the problem. Another way of looking at it is, someone may need “maintenance” chiropractic adjustments weekly, monthly, yearly. Often times a need for maintenance occurs if you are in a car accident, or you lift a heavy box and carry it too far, or perhaps you are exercising and twist something the wrong way. Ideally the body can adjust itself even in situations were you accidentally hurt or overextend yourself. Now, if after an adjustment your body mis-aligns itself, and you start developing health problems like disc herniations, shooting pain down the leg, or numbness down the leg? I believe there are underlying suppressions to the body that cause subluxations.

Chronic subluxation leads to other simultaneous health problems. Without figuring out what caused the suppression to the body, patients who suffer from chronic subluxation would get chiropractic adjustments without a complete healing of the subluxation or other simultaneous health problems.

I pursued a deeper cause of today’s health problems. I first encountered heavy metals such as mercury, aluminum, lead, arsenic and chemicals to be a cause of chronic pain. A few months later I found metals suppressed the immune system and led to bacteria being able to establish itself or in some instances flourish when the body normal defense system should have eliminated the bacteria. A bacterium that is left unchecked because of the suppressed immune system eventually causes acute infections, which causes acute low back pain and other acute musculoskeletal pain, for example joint, knee, hip, finger, meniscus tear, arthritic pain. I realized that if I studied today’s diseases by asking “why”, that led me to ask ‘what cause the inflammation and pain’. Pain is the body’s way of either fighting infection or cleaning out injured cells. Inflammation is a process involved with fighting infection and recycling injured cells . I found fungus and parasites to be the cause today’s most serious health problems. Eventually my research led me to find that fungus and parasites are the “why” and the cause of destructive inflammation in people.

One aspect of my research that I am most excited about is that I have traced the cause of disease via traditional medical explanations and pathways to fungus and parasites. For example, high blood pressure has been treated with high blood pressure meds to relax blood vessels or to release excess water from the body.Traditional medicine does not ask “why do the cells inflame”.Traditional medicine only looks at how to make someone feel better or suppress a symptom. I have found the cellular mechanisms and its relation to today’s health problems. In the case of high blood pressure I found there are multiple areas which will be congested resulting in high blood pressure. Cleaning out the congestion will allow the body to restore the blood pressure to a normal range. Normal cell Injured cell Injured cells undergo cell death Cell debris cleaned up by white blood cells, mucus buildup I have designed herbal teas to remove the agents (fungus, parasites, bacteria, or heavy metals/chemicals) that cause inflammation and to reverse the inflammatory process. I have further researched the damage caused by inflammation and have designed teas to further heal the body and restore normal metabolism. It is mandatory to remove the fungus, parasites, bacteria, heavy metals, chemicals. If left in the body then the degree of chronic illness and pain will increase and over time the damage may be irreparable. For example some fungus, Claviceps purpurea, will dig into musclosketal walls. When the fungus is removed (1) the body has to deal with fungal debris; and (2) repairing the muscloskeletal cell walls. The body does this naturally through macrophage cleanup. Additionally, an abnormal metabolism affects the body by decreasing healing time and unexplained weight gain. By restoring the metabolism, normal digestive enzymes are produced and Metabolism is directly proportional to the number of healthy cells. cellular regeneration is allowed to complete. Holistic management of your pain and ailments integration of chiropractic, acupuncture and deep-tissue therapy.

Dr. Kwang specializes in finding the cause and treatment of today’s problems. Chinese healing herb regimen customized for your situation. Holistic therapy that complements your modern medical treatment. 

Chinese Herbs

A human being is an essential part of nature. Nowadays, many of us forget about it, trying to find the way out of some difficulty by inventing something new. In actuality, nature already has all the necessary materials to provide for normal and healthy living.

Nowadays, herbs gain more and more popularity as it offers alternative treatment for those who are not satisfied with modern synthetic medications’ effectiveness or cannot use them for other health reasons (about 10% of patients are reported to not respond properly and adequately to the modern medications). Moreover, one of the most appealing qualities and advantages of phytotherapy and Chinese herbs is the low risk of adverse reaction or side effects, especially in comparison to pharmaceutical drugs.

About Chinese Herbs

The majority of Chinese populations have used Chinese herbal medicine for thousands of years. Herbal medicine is still in common use worldwide today, because it provides patients with a higher quality of life. Herbs have been proven save and effective when administered correctly.

Chinese herbs are a powerful tool in the maintenance of health and the elimination of disease. The taste of the herbs may seem unusual at first to people. However, most people take only a short time to get used to it and it brings the benefits of continued good health.

How quickly do Chinese Herbs work?

The effects of Chinese herbs are frequently seen after several days of regular usage. Once the benefits are established, they often last for a long time. Chronic problems may require Chinese herbal treatments that last several weeks ~Dr. Charles Kwang