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"I've researched and studied a lot about eye floaters. I haven't seen anyone else who is able to grasp eye floaters in the way Dr. Kwang did. I got immediate relief!! It also improved my digestion and circulation as a bonus. You have nothing to lose and you get back your health." (results may vary)




I want to eliminate my eye floaters right now!

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Hi. My name is Charles Kwang and I've been helping people handle very chronic health problems that medical doctors don't have a very good solution for. The reason why I went my route was I believe there might be a better solution than what the medical doctors are telling people. In eye floaters I found that there is a reason why there's eye floaters in the first place. I also found out what we can do about it to get the eye floaters under control.


Eye floaters are things that blocks the vision. It's actually floating in your eye. Ophthalmologist are eye specialist they believe that the eye floaters is nothing. Well it's nothing for the doctor, but it's something to you. The reason why is because eye floaters block your vision. Imagine everything is bright. Everything is clear and then the dark cloud just moves right into the middle where your focus is on. That's whats going on in your eye. The retina, the nerves in the back of your eye is working. The cornea, the front of the eye is working. But, there are some bits in the eye floating around and when they move right into your line of vision they block your vision.


When the ophthalmologist shines the bright light in your eye to see what is going on he doesn't see anything. One of the frustrating things about medical doctors is they don't take on another possibility that maybe their current testing is not good enough. There is another possible way to fix the problem they just don't know it. But, they can't admit it, they can't say it so they tell people eye floaters are nothing. If it really bothers you I'm going to zap your eye with a laser. It might burn the back part of the retina the part that is not a problem. The part that is healthy. I am going to zap the laser. Try to hit the eye floater, but if I miss the laser goes back. It will blind the retina.


Does that make any sense to you? NO!


Eye floaters are particles and they accumulate because the circulation in the eye is slow. That's it. That's the only reason why you have eye floaters. The longer the circulation slowed down these bits of proteins accumulate, and as they accumulate they stick to each other. They create these big chunks floating in your eye. That's it.


Originally, I thought the only reason why eye floaters would exist is because there is toxins in the eye. But, the majority of people who have eye floaters can see a difference in 6 weeks. So to test the eye from a medical eye specialist. Or to do a alternative treatment it might cost you the same amount of money. But, the end result of a eye doctor exam he may or may not find the eye floaters. But, the end result is that he doesn't have a really safe effective treatment for you.


On the other hand if you go and do the alternative treatment. Not allowed. Not endorsed. The FDA doesn't know it exist. Your eye doctor doesn't know it exist. You're just going to do it on your own. The out of pocket expense and going the route of a medical doctor might be the same for the person who has this health problem. Or the eye floaters is such a problem that is actually affecting how you behave at work. So, you are not going to be able to make a very effective employee. Or in some people a business owner and that's more detrimental. The laws are not able to do what you're suppose to be able to do, without the eye floaters is worse than anything that can happen to you.


So, let's really get down to what is causing the eye floaters. The 6 week circulation program that I came up with. Not to focus on the eye. It was just increase circulation to help people detox. When it works in the eye. The eye floaters start to break apart and they are flushed out. Each success of flushing there is less and less eye floaters. Eventually, you will see a steady decrease in eye floaters. We continue until all the eye floaters are cleared up and then you are done. So, in 6 weeks time you are going to know if this treatment is going to work for you. Now, after 6 weeks if the eye floaters are not gone. There's very little change. Or there is absolutely zero change then we know that there are toxins that are just not proteins anymore. There's toxins in the eye and just circulating, just increasing the circulation in the eye. Trying to move those things out is not enough. Finishing the 6 week circulation if the eye floaters are not going away and there's no significant change. Then we have to go into the detox. The detox is focusing on eliminating the toxins that will accumulate in the eye and preventing your eye sight to improve.


Eye floaters are common it affects young adults, 14, 15, 16, 18 year old, 20 something year old, 30 something year old, 40 something years old. The biggest problem is when it's affecting you. It doesn't matter how old you are. You need your eye sight. You need to trust your eye sight and you need to fix it Now!


So contact somebody in the office. Tell them you have eye floaters. Or just go in straight. Go on to the next set of videos to learn about how this program is going to work for you.

Thank you.

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