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Hi! My name is Charles Kwang and I’ve lost over a little over a hundred pounds in one year. I want to share with you the experience I felt and why it feels that way. I work with a personal trainer, her name is Kelly Johnson she works right now at the Sunland Fight club. If you call the Sunland Fight club and you say I want to speak to Kelly Johnson and I want her to help me lose weight you’ll find her there.

Right now I lost 100 pounds. What did my body have to go through to get rid of the 100 pounds worth of fat. To lose 100 pounds worth of fat in one year, 365 days 52 weeks to lose 100 pounds is quite painful. Why is that? Well in the beginning I’m moving my muscles and my muscles were weak. So I have pain from the muscle being weak, but those are just sore muscles. What was really painful was the fat that was attached to the muscle and as the muscle tries to move against the fat it literally had to fight itself and ripped the fat. Rip itself off the fat. So, literally the fat was strangling the muscle and not allowing the muscle to move. I had to break the muscle off the fat to create motion. Once the muscles was released and you could start moving normally, now the metabolism goes up because now the muscle can move normally. It’s normal range of motion and this isn’t why important to work with somebody who understands who specializes in helping people lose 100 pounds or more because they. The person who is helping you understands what you are going through but also understands what you need to do.

This is why a lot of people who work with trainers might not get the results that they want. It’s not that they didn’t put in the work, but they didn’t achieve the muscles actually breaking free from the muscle to gain the range of motion.

Now once Kelly was able to release the muscle from the fat. Now all we’re doing is exercising that fat into fat burning. Getting that muscle to move over and over and over again non stop like a furnace burning logs 24 hours a day seven days a weeks. The actual exercise with Kelly was only an hour or less, but my body was burning fat 23 hours after I finished with Kelly, or Kelly was finished with me. That’s critical because we don’t burn enough fat for that one hour to lose a 100 pounds. We actually lose a lot more when we finish exercising and we go throughout our day and our bodies are starting to eat the fat for energy. I’m still eating food, but my body is burning fat and this is a critical point because we think we have to kill ourselves. A lot of people actually injure themselves and they actually cannot work out the next day. They lose time. They cannot work out which means they can’t pump the muscle to burn fat for the next 23 hours because they injured it. This is another reason why you need a trainer to help you. Help you move the muscle, at the same time understand and help you push past the pain so they can tell the difference between is it real pain or you just need to get use to the achiness.

Now, when I first lost my first ten pounds I didn’t feel anything. But, the scale said I lost 10 pounds, that’s fine. But, when I lost 50 pounds and that was the only first two months or three months something like that. Imagine losing 50 pounds in 3 months. I was eating. I wasn’t starving. I was never ever starving and Kelly was helping me eat the right kinds of foods. Now, here is the critical part about this is as your body is pulling the fat for energy it’s releasing toxins. As your muscles are burning the fat for energy these toxins are being released. There is a point where a lot of people give up when they lose 50 pounds or even less because all the toxins are building up and if nobody is there to watch you and to scare you into pushing past that, a lot of us just back off and our fat burning goes down. Our body puts on the fat again and we eat the foods that helps our muscles stop hurting which is the sweets.

Once we gorge ourselves with the sweets our muscles expand. They stop hurting because we stopped exercising and we slowly gain the weight back. This is why it’s important to always work with somebody who is specializing in helping people lose 100 pounds because they understand they motivate you. But, at the same time they help you get passed that, so you can actually continue to lose more weight.

Now, when you get through 50 pounds of fat. You’re gaining a lot of muscle, but when you burn  through 50 pounds of fat now you’re ready to burn the next 50 pounds. Not everybody needs to lose 100 pounds, but if you are in the range where you need to lose more than 50 pounds or more than a 100 pounds or more than 150 pounds. You have to find somebody who specializes in that kind of exercise. Number one: if you get hurt, you give up. If you give up you stop burning fat. Stop burning fat, you just get fatter and you never ever get passed the point where you’re healthy.

Now, as the toxins come out it has to go through the liver and the kidneys. The liver and kidney has to go through a lot of work to lose all that weight. That’s why it’s also important to eat properly. But, it’s also when you go through so much of that pain you actually need something to help you release the inflammation that burning large amounts of fat releasing tons of toxins. That’s been the problem for a lot of people who can’t seem to budge.

Finding somebody who can customize a exercise program for you to keep you interested, but at the same time get your results. Finding somebody who understands nutrition and maybe help you as the toxins are coming out of your system. So you can actually get through that barrier when the toxins are overloading your body and forcing your muscles to swell up. You can actually release all that toxins and when you’re done you can now get ready to lose even more weight. The more weight you lose the less toxins are coming out and your kidneys and liver already know what to do with all those toxins.

So it becomes easier and when you get past the 100 pounds. If you want to lose more which is fine, but you gotta have the right exercise and you gotta make sure your kidney and liver can handle all the toxins that are coming out of your system.

Thank you.