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Hi. My name is Charles Kwang and there are a lot of people trying to lose fat. Not lose weight but lose that fat, so you can get that body to tighten up. Now, what I found was there is a reason why your body holds on to fat because the fat actually has toxins stored in there and when you lose that fat, burn that fat off you're going to release that toxin. If that toxin goes into your body, and your body can't get rid of it. Then your body has to remake the fat cells that you burned off and pop that toxin back in. This is to protect you. Why let the toxins float around when you can just put it in the fat cell and just lock it up in it.

That's the problem with a lot of people right now who are working out losing weight and then they plateau. They hit that bar, they can't move forward. There area people who just changed their diet drastically. Exercise and their body does not budge. Nothing changes. It's not lack of trying is just your body cannot lose the fat, it's dangerous. But, how do we lose the fat and the toxin?

So, instead of focusing on losing the fat. Why don't we just focus on how do we get rid of this toxins. This toxin when it comes out of your body and it gets flushed out. Then your body doesn't need this fat cell and your body just can burn it off. It can do the same thing on the next fat cell. Release the toxin, the toxin get sucked out. Fat cell goes away. Next fat cell, releases the toxin. Toxins come out BAM! Fat cell is gone. If this process was real, theoretically, you can be losing fat, burning fat 24 hours a day.

You don't have to go to the gym and be on the treadmill for an hour and hopefully that's going to be enough. That's just to stimulate the metabolism, but if your body is detoxing continuously you should be able to be in fat burning all day long.

Fat burning is an interesting constant because we think we have to go to the gym or we have to go do some intense exercise. That is one way of burning the fat, but what do you do with all the toxins that come out. Well, if the toxins don't get flushed out it goes straight back to where it started. Your body wraps it up with fat and now you have another fat cell there. So, sometimes instead of fat burning you're just focusing on releasing the toxins. Making sure your body can get rid of toxins all day long. Then the fat cells can safely release the fat or release the toxins and then burn off all the fat. Release the toxins, burn the fat.

I've been able to see as a side effect, people who have been juicing. People who have been detoxing the natural side effect is they lose the fat, naturally. They don't lose muscle. They don't lose strength. They don't lose endurance. They gain strength. They gain endurance. They feel better. They have more energy because you were concentrating on the toxins. When we get rid of the toxins your body doesn't need the fat anymore. If you constantly eat the right foods that tweak your metabolism you should always be in fat burning. That's a good thing for you.

Start the 6 week circulation program. Step 1 for two weeks. Step 2 for 2 weeks. Step 3 for 3 weeks. Start juicing. Eliminate all processed foods. No wheat, sugar and alcohol.  Watch your body release the toxins from your fat and then burn the fat. You can watch your body just melt this fat out. It doesn't need it anymore. You can tell in 6 weeks time how fast and effective this can be. Thank you.

The immune system handles the main detoxes your body needs and this juicing will revitalize your ability within or after a month or perhaps a little more, we will help you through your juicing process giving you the best advice we can. We've been helping people with juicing programs for ten years with amazing success. Yes, you can take responsibility and heal yourself. How validating is that to help you help your body and be more at cause over your nutrition

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