How to improve your ejection fraction after a heart attack



    Heart attack

1. How To Rebuild After A Heart Attack

What can you do after a
heart attack?

2. what can I do right now?

I've encountered a series of men
after recovering from a heart attack.

3. How can this program help me? 

How can my program help you?  It's not going to hurt. 

4. How To Rebuild After A Heart Attack

Antioxidents work with your body
and do not interfere with any medications. 

5. How to get started?



Improve your ejection fraction with
Dr. Charles Kwang’s herbal program.

There are three levels of antioxidents

which are safe to use with any meds. Imagine if you ate three bowls of salad - that doesn't interfere. It's safe to to use because it's just concentrated nutrients. Improve your stamina. Improve your energy. I give your body massive amounts  of antioxidents to help jump start it.

I've been dealing with helping people recover  

after major issues such as candida, herpes, eye floaters, etc. Repairing heart tissue is also among the ailments the Kwang Wellness Teas and Vitamins handle alternatively.

The scar tissue has created a problem. The biggest problem I have right now is not understanding how to help heal scar tissue. You don't get tired as easilyCan't get energy, tired, short of breath, recovering from the damage to your hear. Can't get out of bed, can't walk. The biggest problem I have is how to rebuild your heart. We rebuild your scar tissue. A lot of times the scar tissue is so hard  Not having enough healthy scar tissue. The doctor might see you changing. Lets find out how.

 We're not changing the damage already done, but just saving the scar tissue.

Diet change: First get rid of all wheat and sugar. Take hawthorn berries, celinium, and the medication your doctor prescribed.

The stronger your heart is it can actually work better. You will not have to fight that scar tissue that is stiff and are going to feel better and better and better. Let's get your stamina going by change of diet... starting with meals cooked at home.

 It's going to repair you with antioxidants

which go into your body and fix damaged blood vessels scar tissue around the heart. The antioxidents help clean out calcifications that were making the blood clots to be able to flow. With the antioxidents you have a better chance of enjoying life. The antioxidents will help focus on prevention and restoring the muscles around the heart.

Strenghten blood vessels with antioxidants.

The scar tissue is so tight we have a way of reducing the scar tissue.

We have the highest quality antioxidants. 

Some attribute the cause of cardiovascular disease to smoking, eating habits, weight problems, high-cholesterol, high blood pressure

an·ti·ox·i·dant in Google Define
plural noun: antioxidants
a substance that inhibits oxidation, especially one used to counteract the deterioration of stored food products.
a substance such as vitamin C or E that removes potentially damaging oxidizing agents in a living organism.

Being a Chiropractor/Nutritionist in Los Angeles

is easy access via the Metro and Freeway. Kwang Wellness is close to the Los Angeles and Burbank Airports. Kwang Wellness shipping division is especially trained to forward our Medicinal Chinese Herb Teas to those who live outside Los Angeles.  By analyzing your DNA you get the program that will empower you during your detox cleanse and programs for other issues with the body.  

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