I no longer suffer from insomnia after completing a customized herbal program

I Can Get A Good Night's Sleep If I wake up, now I can go back to sleep. Dr. Kwang had me do his tea therapy and said: "But don't change the other regimens in my life." ..."I have a sounder more restless sleep.  Dr. Kwang has the solution for the insomnia cure." 



My old diet and juicing stopped working but adding the herbs truly made a difference.

manWhile on the diet I had just started, I did realize that my candida infection was going away fast, so I encourage the ones that are trying to get rid of it to follow the diet as well as the nutrition program and herb teas Dr. Kwang recommends. It is a Candida Healing Discipline you take on in order to allow his wonderful tech to be applied.

We at Kwang Wellness service the entire world,

including  the heart of Los Angeles CA and servicing all of Los Angeles Metro area including Van Nuys, Los Feliz, Hollywood, Burbank, Silver Lake, Woodland Hills, Sherman Oaks, Valley Village, Sunland, Sun Valley, Tujunga, west hollywood, Glendale CA, Northridge, , Encino, Sherman Oaks, Tarzana, Studio City, Los Feliz, Silver Lake, Pasadena, Highland Park, Mount Washington, Eagle Rock, Glendale, South Pasadena, Altadena, Atwater Village, Arcadia, Hollywood Hills and Burbank.

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