How To Get Rid
of Digestive Problems

A natural way to restore your digestive system and get rid of IBS

`Digestive Problems


I've been helping people detox Candida, parasites, heavy metals, chemicals, viruses, bacteria for 10 years now. It wasn't until I personally had to accept the fact that there were Candida, viruses, parasites, bacteria, heavy metals that will enter the body and stay in the body.

It took me a while to accept that idea because I was trained as a researcher and we were not told about that. I was trained as a chiropractor and we were not told about toxins. It was only until I graduated from chiropractic school and attended seminars. I actually meet practitioners, naturopath, nutritionist, herbalist, who were focusing on this problem. They spent their entire life focusing on this problem and that's when I realized it was real. It wasn't some weird little thing. It was actually something that existed, but because the practitioners were using something for 20-30 years and nothing new was being used. The people they were trying to help were limited by how far they can get better. The reason why is because there is more about understanding about something else that is not being told to these natural practitioners. They have no idea and because they have no idea they don't know what is the problem. They just know it has been happening. But, they don't know why. But, I am going to tell you why.

In order to understand the detox. We actually have to understand the lymph system. I can tell you if you picked up a medical school book. If you went to USC. If you went to any medical school and went to their bookstore and bought a medical book. A $300 book on how the body works. You will get this much on the lymph system. You will get this much on how many drugs you can use on a heart. You can get this much on how many drugs you can use on gallbladder, liver, kidney, intestines, digestive system. But, you only get this much on the lymph system. There is actually no drug on the market that can actually do anything for the lymph system. The lymph nodes, the lymph vessels. There's this much that alternative practitioners, naturopath, nutritionist, herbalist know about the lymph system. There's this much known about the medical doctors. Theres this much known about the natural practitioners people can't get the relief that they need.

I had the same problem because I went to seminars and I was told this much about the lymph system. But, it's only until I was in my office and having to look at everybody in my office coming in. When I realized that there was something missing in what I am doing. I can't get them better. The only way for me to get them better is for me to understand the lymph system. The only way for you to get better is to get on to a program that actually handles the lymph system. It's not pretty. But, it works.

So we have Candida going into our bodies. Through food, water and contaminated liquids. We drink it. We eat it and goes into our intestines. The Candida now has a chance to slowly infiltrate and attack our intestines.

So we have Candida now going into our intestines. Going to attack and try to pass through the intestines to go into our body. Now our immune system our white blood cells stored in the lymph nodes will travel. When they travel they are going to meet Candida and make sure that they don't pass through. So, there is a battle going on. Candida trying to get in. Your white blood cells pushing it out. At some point somebody wins and somebody loses.

If you have food allergies, gluten allergies, lactose intolerance. If you are have diverticulitis. If you have Crohns. If you have ulcer colitis. If you have any of those health problems. If you have leaky gut. The Candida is winning. Your immune system is dropping.

Why is that?

Well, your immune system is occupied by toxins that are in the lymph system. Toxins entering the lymph system also requires white blood cells to move toxins through safely. If your lymph system is moving toxins through then you don't have enough white blood cells to spare to come down and attack Candida everyday.

So this is how people get sick. This is how people end up with leaky gut, diverticulitis, ulcer colitis. All these health problems is because of this situation.

So what do you do about it?

Well, the first thing I found was clearing this lymph system of any toxins will actually allow the white blood cells to move toxins out fast enough. So that you actually free up white blood cells so they can come out here and start helping out and attacking Candida. When you move the Candida out of the intestines then more white blood cells can come in and actually seal the intestines from preventing the Candida from going back in, again.

That's a good thing. So you want something where you can move toxins through the lymph system. But you also want the immune system the white blood cells to be strong enough to push the Candida out of the areas that are being attacked. So Candida can stay and be coming out of your body naturally.

Now, this is where Candida is a little tricky but it's not just Candida. It can be parasites. It can be a virus. It can be a bacteria. It can be heavy metals and chemicals. They each of them require different types of white blood cells to come in to the intestines and help eliminate the toxins that are actually attacking your intestines.

Candida is the most popular because it is the one that gets the most attention. But, you also get parasites, viruses, and bacteria. That's why when I do a detox I have everyone go through the complete detox program. You never know when you leave a little bit of toxin left in that area and that keeps that area weak so the reinfection occurs.


I'm very happy to say that those who completed my detox programs even 10 years ago they don't come back they're doing great. So we know that we done enough so that their bodies can stay healthy for a long time. This is different from any other remedies because any other remedy the person has to be taking it just to be able to feel a little bit better. There's a difference between feeling completing well and then completely just a little bit better.


The interesting thing about any detox is how Candida enters the body. Candida can go into the lungs and cause COPD, Emphysema, congested heart failure, pleurisy, pneumonia. Candida can go into the intestines and cause all kinds of problems leaky gut, diverticulitis, ulcer colitis it can cause Crohns disease. It can cause food allergies. It can cause gluten allergies. All kinds of problems affected in the intestines. They all need to be eliminated by your white blood cells and your lymph system.

Thank you.