Dr. Kwang knows
How to reverse kidney failure
with nutrition



Hi. My name is Charles Kwang and I’ve been helping people handle chronic health conditions. In some cases reverse a health condition using nutrition and herbs. I was able to help a few people who were diagnosed with kidney failure. Kidney failure is weird only because you might not feel anything. Maybe some swelling around the legs. Some people with swelling around the legs, their kidneys test fine. But, when your test shows kidney failure and you have swollen legs it’s pretty serious. Which means that the test for kidney failure is not sensitive enough. You can’t catch it fast enough. It’s too late. By the time your legs are swollen and by the time your blood test show your kidney is failing is too late.

Currently there is no other test to test for kidneys. But, if you were told by your doctor that your kidney is failing and you have to start looking at dialysis. You don’t want dialysis. Or you are on dialysis and it seems that the dialysis is making you worse. There might be a way to stabilize you, so you don’t need the dialysis as often. In some cases, you might not need the dialysis at all. This has been something so simple because it’s just cleaning out the filter. The kidneys is a filter. It pulls toxins out of the blood and the toxins get flushed out as urine. There are white blood cells. There is the immune system that works in the kidney that is constantly keeping the kidneys clean. But, you can get an acute kidney failure if you put too many toxins into the kidney. You overwhelm the immune system. The immune system cannot flush out the toxins fast enough.

You might think well I thought why don’t we just let it wait and let the immune system do it slowly. If you give it 5 years maybe it will do it on its own. If you talk to the people on dialysis it hasn’t worked yet. Their immune system hasn’t kicked in yet. Something happened where the toxins overwhelmed the immune system.  Now, the immune system lost the ability to move toxins out of the kidneys. Just waiting for the kidneys to get better, it doesn’t. The kidneys are still working, but it’s so filled with toxins that the immune system built inside the kidney has now been overwhelmed and is no longer able to push the toxins out, slowly if at all.

It’s as if you are capable of holding a 50 pound bag of rice, but somebody just chopped your arms off. Does your arm just grow back in 5 years so you can hold the bag of rice again?

That is what is going on in people with kidney failure. The immune system was so overloaded, basically, his arms got chopped off. It got so overloaded with toxins and inflammation that it just, the immune system stopped working. It couldn’t clean out the kidneys, so now the kidneys are failing. Well it’s failing to work, doesn’t mean it’s dying. It’s just  so dirty that it needs a deep, deep, cleaning that only the immune system can do. If we can find a way to get the immune system working slowly build it back up. The immune system can clean up the kidneys.

The problem with the kidney dialysis machine is it’s tedious and what is worse about it. At the end of the treatment you feel worse than before you started the treatment. Literally, the kidney dialysis machine sucked the energy out of you. Literally, just sucked it out and took you two to three days maybe to build up your energy back up. Then you go back in again where they suck the energy out of you again. There is something wrong. There might be a different way to go about so that you might not need the kidney dialysis, once the immune system is restored. It’s cleaning out the kidneys and your blood test show there is an improvement. As long as your kidneys are improving then you know you’re on the right track.

Only large amounts of nutrition antioxidants and Chinese herbs working together has been effective in cleaning out the kidneys. This is not medical research. This is not approved by the FDA. This is just me helping somebody who doesn’t want to be on kidney dialysis. The only person that has experienced it is the person who no longer wants to go through a kidney dialysis. It might be you next. It might be you who can get the good news that your blood test are fine. Everything looks good and now you don’t have to do kidney dialysis. Once you get better.

Who cares right?

What is the doctor going to do? He’s not going to ask you how you got better. He doesn’t care. The insurance company doesn’t care if you got better. They are just going to go do their own thing which is find the new person whose blood test show that they have a kidney failure. The insurance now is going to pay for the kidney dialysis. Its very very interesting. The only person that this really matters to, is the person who had kidney failure and no longer has it by the blood test. By, the fact that they don’t have to go to dialysis anymore. Their legs are no longer swollen. That’s how the immune system can handle your kidney failure. So that maybe you don’t have to do dialysis.

Thank you.