How antioxidants can reduce inflammation and increase immune system


I’ve been researching how to detox as fast as effective as possible using natural means. I don’t do surgery. I don’t inject chemicals into people. I don’t do anything invasive and so not using anything invasive I had to find ways to use natural things that we can find that we are eating already. How do we tweak it, so we can actually use it to release the toxins and inflammation in our bodies. I found out to be very effective when we are trying to figure out certain things.

For instance, antioxidants are necessary to clear out toxins. There’s different types of antioxidants. Antioxidants come from herbs. Antioxidants come from proteins, certain proteins act like antioxidants. Antioxidants come from minerals, some minerals act like antioxidants. Some vitamins act like antioxidants. Antioxidants absorb toxins and the very specific toxin that we are looking for is called a free radical. But, antioxidants if they are in a large enough concentration they do a lot more than just absorb free radicals. They actually absorb the toxins that the free radicals come from. In a small dose the dose that your medical doctor tells you to take, or the products companies tell you to take. You’re only going to get the free radical. If you take it in this much what you’re going to get is a much higher dose. You’re going to get a much higher dose and you’re going to get a much better effect and it’s going to clear the toxins that are causing the free radicals. The lower concentration only works in the blood. The higher concentration works in the lymph nodes.

It’s very interesting to me, to see this because I didn’t know this until I started to try to figure out how to help people using natural means.

How do you make something even more effective. So, we have antioxidants in a small dose and we’ll call this the food dose. The dose that you find in food and what this dose does it clears toxins in the blood. That’s good because if you clear it in the blood everyday then you won’t have extra toxins build up that will end up into the lymph nodes. But, what if you already have a problem where the toxins are in the lymph nodes. So what if you have antioxidants that are beyond the dose that you can get from eating the food. That was my question.

Do you eat five thousand oranges. You drink five gallons of orange juice. Believe it or not drinking that much orange juice you actually won’t get enough Vitamin c to create this. Eating a two pound steak is not going to give you the antioxidants from proteins to give you this. You need it in a liquid form, that’s the answer. You drink it. You’re done. It’s simple. All solutions using natural means is simple and when it’s simple our bodies respond to it fast. The simpler your solution is and the more accurate we can match the solution to the problem the faster you’re going to get better. So, when you have antioxidants you’re going to clear lymph nodes and you’re going to get rid of the toxins in the lymph nodes. That’s what happens.

The biggest thing I found was the amount of antioxidants, not the type. You can eat all kinds of berries, special foods. Some kind of plant that only grows in certain parts of the mountains. Or some algae in the swap or you can get. Those are all good, but if you just find out exactly what is it that you are trying to do you’ll find the solution to be simple. When it’s simple, your body responds to it faster and you get the results soon. I’m not saying that the antioxidants that you find in krill or some special algae or some plant that grows up in the mountains or something that grows in a swamp. Those are all special but it doesn’t do the basic thing that your body needs. It might give you a sense of boost, but not enough to maintain the lymph nodes to be working. I know that there is herbs that are special and knowing that I tried it and they only work in a short time they don’t work consistently because the simplicity is your body recognizes simple things. The easier it is to absorb, the more effective it can use it and the sooner you get bette. Thank you