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Herpes is created by a virus 

I want to share helping with chronic health conditions including herpes. I am going to show you how the virus and the outbreaks can be handled. The DNA test can be changed and lowered. The herpes antibody test is always going to be positive..I am going to go over exactly how this happens and how it can help you. The herpes program focus on? It helps on skin outbreaks. This herpes virus has made itself into the ganglion and inflammation is created because the herpes virus is attached to the nerve. The blistering and outbreaks are the toxins coming out of the nerve. The herpes cleanse is in two parts: first getting rid of the virus and then cleaning out the nerve..

By the time somebody has herpes and have decided they want to do something about it.. The blood type is positive and want to do a handling; or have a herpes outbreak every day or once every six months like when your period turns on when there is a hormonal change. It doesn’t matter which this program covers both. If you have been exposed to herpes you will test positive on the herpes antibody test. Since there is no medical handling we show alternatively how you can test. The herpes DNA test shows you how much herpes you have. Once you are done with the herpes cleanse and the next step. reduces the toxins in the nerve. Once you have this program and have cleaned out the herpes virus and outbreaks you have to  no longer or watch for any contact to others who still have herpes because that is the way to get it again and then have to redo this program.

Help your friends to also come clean of herpes and enjoy life better.

How this program works: Each step gives a very specific effect. The herpes does not like to go to the heart, liver and brain. The most important is when the virus attaches to a nerve, the circulation goes down further. There’s not enough medication in that area. Our own immune system is being used to clean out this virus. We have to go through a six week circulation program. The circulation has to be optimized. You are drinking our herbal teas activating the immune system to attack this virus. Your immune system gets smarter to help cleanse. Once the virus program of nerve inflammation is clean you can then handle the skin outbreaks.

We go through this process. The six week circulation program only increases circulation. You can get your blood test which is needed before you start the herpes cleanse. At the end of your herbal cleanse, the nerve called the ganglion you have handled the virus. You still get little bumps and redness that still tells us through the blood test showing the virus is gone. You are now at a point to where the problem is now gone. Getting rid of inflammation in the nerve helps in the process to clean up the outbreaks. It is a process because you are using your own immune system to clean up and get rid of or even  passing herpes onto the next person.

You are going through a detox process so you have to give your body the best chance to stop inhibiting the process. No wheat, sugar, Lastly while on this cleanse no alcohol. We want to juice. Before you contact me get onto the juicing part of this website and juice a couple of weeks. There is no easy way for the herpes cleanse. This program is for people who want to not have the herpes virus in their body or pass it onto their partner and have clean skin. There is no way to get through the herpes cleanse without skipping a step as proven by results of patients who have changed their life for the better herpes free as a result of taking the time to do this program.

This Detox Program Changes the DNA and Cleans out Inflammation

Q: So you still get outbreaks even if you don’t have the DNA?

A: Herpes DNA test can be negative in the blood. That means there’s no herpes virus in the blood. This means the herpes virus is only in the nerve. You will get a herpes DNA positive from testing the skin outbreak.

Q: How to actually eliminate or remove the herpes virus to your body? Like naturally to eliminate it from your body? Please help

A: There is a way to reduce herpes virus to undetectable levels based on HSV PCR test. There is a way to detox nerve to eliminate skin outbreaks.

Q: Dr. Kwang do you offer test to us via mail and how much is it? Thank you

A: Thank you for your inquiry. please contact Karla: scheduling.kwc@gmail.com. she will determine if our program can help you.


Let’s talk about alternative healing of Herpes:

 Did you know that your doctor is going to tell you there is nothing you can do to heal herpes but that you’ll always be contagious and have to take this little pill.

Sometimes the anti-virals work, . How do you keep yourself from being contagious? 

Is there another way to handle herpes? It can be detected through the blood. Why is it isolated in one area? I believe there may be a herpes bacteria. The herpes virus attaches itself to the bacteria  The herbal treatment only attacking the viral treatment and also attacking the bacteria it did not come back. Skin outbreaks builds up over time. Some people have more skin outbreakes than others.

The inflamation may be pumped out through the nerves. The entire process is about 8 weeks.

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Herpes Can the HERPES DNA test help lower to zero? Yes!

If you do not want to have the skin outbreaks I am going to show you how this happens and how to help yourself get healed.

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The herpes virus can live dormant inside a person’s immune system for a lifetime, periodically causing blisters that burst and turn into open cold sores or ulcers before healing.

Many people wonder if there is a natural cure for herpes or are looking for ways on how to get rid of herpes for good. While technically the virus that causes herpes (whether on the mouth or genital herpes) is not curable until now with these Chinese Herbs, 

The most common ways of contacting herpes or catching it are: dating, marriage, love, couple, love songs, partner, men, man, women, woman, valentine’s, pre-marital sex, divorce, and sex. It is recommended to be faithful to your sexual partner and always ask if the other person has had herpes so that you can make a decision for yourself how involved to get.

Disclaimer: * Individual results may vary, and are dependent upon various factors such as your diet, level of exercise, presence of medical conditions, accuracy with compliance, etc.  Kwang Wellness Center suggests that you consult with your physician prior to starting a complementary and alternative health program, and never stop taking medication without consulting your licensed medical doctor or primary care physician first.