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People have been successful with their Herpes Outbreak program 

herpes success

The happiest 

When I heard about Dr. Kwang I was in an absolute state of misery.  I was suffering for three years and was battling a problem that has no known cure....I had HSV (herpes). As you all know, this is a disease that not only has chronic nature with constant out breaks, but also takes a toll on you mentally...the feeling of helplessness and frustration were my constant companion  and more so was the worry that I will never be able to lead a normal life.  So when someone told me that Dr. Kwang can help me I certainly had my doubts, as I had done every alternate therapy that was available.  I was not that optimistic about this one. 

day of my life 🙂 

 My point of view changed after meeting him.  Not only did he put me at ease, but also explained that he has, and can tackle this problem. He took time to show me how our immune system works and how his teas handle the viruses and parasites and if I follow his regime I will be healed...again I was looking for a cure and not just suppression, to which his response was simple...let the blood test do the talking.   So I took the tea and felt instant outbreaks were stopped and I felt healthier than Iíve ever felt. It was a step by step recovery and Dr. Kwang explained to me each cycle. Itís like he knew exactly how my body was reacting and he was targeting the problem areas and thus eradicating the virus.  Finally the day arrived when I had to get the blood test to ascertain my results I was very sure that I was cured, and finally when I saw the test I couldn't contain my was NEGATIVE ...thatís right, the virus was gone. I was no longer a prisoner to HSV..

🙂 "  ...I was free and it was indeed the happiest day of my life.  I'm indebted to Dr. Kwang for what he has done and so happy that I could experience this miracle!!! I would like to tell everyone who is reading this that there is HOPE, so please donít give up and have faith...I would highly recommend Dr. Kwang and wish that everyone experiences great health and joy through his work...he truly is the MIRACLE man...Thank you Dr. Kwang.  You are and will always be special to me and to all those who have been fortunate enough to experience healing through your amazing teas." J.P.

*Note: The results obtained in specific cases depend on a variety of factors unique to each patient. Results of past or current patients do no guarantee or predict the same result in the future when Dr. Kwang recommends his program of traditional Chinese herbal teas.* Individual results may vary, and are dependent upon various factors such as your diet, level of exercise, presence of medical conditions, accuracy with compliance, etc.  Kwang Wellness Center suggests that you consult with your physician prior to starting a complementary and alternative health program, and never stop taking medication without consulting your licensed medical doctor or primary care physician first.

hair analsis 

It's basically a dating long distance sentence...

Not only do I have herpes but I have genital herpes. No man without it is going to want to be with me. Let alone get physical and or procreate with me. My sex/love life may as well be extinct. Unless I don't tell them but I could never do unto another as one has done unto me. I contracted it from having sexual relations with someone I thought to be trustworthy. Why would I do that to someone else when I never wanted it done to me. honestly I just really want to go somewhere and be alone forever. I don't even look at men the same. I just get this sick feeling if I start to become emotionally attached and usually just cut them off. Cause realistically speaking once he finds out he's most likely to: 1. Want nothing to do with me anymore, or 2. Spread his newfound knowledge around. So I prefer to avoid all of that by simply not being interested. Period. But we all get lonely and that's when reality sets in that this will probably be me for the rest of my life. & I've seen all the quotes: "herpes is a skin rash, not a death sentence." "It doesn't define you." When in all actuality it does. Not to mention the outbreaks....I hated acne on my face. So I'm just absolutely disgusted in the fact that they'll be popping up on my lady parts whenever they feel like it. They don't hurt really bad which is a plus but they itch terribly. Overall the outbreaks really could be worse. The other symptoms of it are what really take a toll on me. I mean the fatigue, fevers, and in general sick feeling I get when having an outbreak are just the worse. When having an outbreak I'm always tired. The simplest tasks make me feel like I'm running a marathon. The fevers of course don't help with this.....I just don't know what to do. 86% of the time I'm thinking about my contracting herpes. Wishing for a second chance. Or to not have another outbreak until I'm 80! Just wanting it to go the fuck away! But it never will, and I'll have it for the rest of my life. No cure, no relationship, no sex life, no peace of mind...Just me and my herpes

I'm in absolute terror about telling my wife I have herpes - please help

I've was diagnosed with HSV2 5 weeks ago and have no idea how to tell my wife. Here's my story: I've been with my wife for 12 years and have two beautiful children, both under 6. Our relationship, while never easy, has been a bit rocky since the kids arrived juggling two careers (with me constantly travel) and trying to give the kids the absolute best we can. Frankly, I haven't been really happy for years, generally unsatisfied with everything and am not the easiest person to get along with in the best of times. Ironically, the H has given me a new perspective on life, what's really important to me, how much I love my family and couldn't bear to lose them. I love all of them more than life itself.

The problem is that before my epiphany, I was pretty distant from my wife and she occasionally in the last six months would seriously ask if I was having affairs. It's not baseless thinking on her part as I led a bit of a wild life before we got together and had sex with a large number of women. One time I secretly ordered viagra in an attempt to spice up in our sex life; she found them and saw this as evidence of an affair. When I tell her about my diagnosis, I can guess where her thoughts will immediately go. It could be the end.

I found out I had H after a horrific flu swept through my house, with all of us being taken down with 104F (40 C) fevers for days. Shortly after that, I notices a few pimples on my scrotum. I had seen something similar before, about 16 months ago in exactly the same place and had them tested. All tests, culture and blood, came back negative. This time, I was not so lucky, positives all around. I hadn't ever really noticed anything like this before my first test. I know my wife does not have any STD so it would not have come from her.

My questions for you are: 1) is this kind of experience common? And 2) do you have any advice for me on how to approach this? My only goal is to stay married and keep my children. Please help.

How did HSV change your prospects of LTR/marriage?

I recently got diagnosed with HSV 2 and am 45 and single. I've been dating for year, looking for a long term relationship and/or marriage. It was difficult enough prior to the diagnosis. Now it seems incredibly daunting. I've been using online dating and I put on my profile that I have HSV 2 on the non-H specific site. I've also created a profile on H-specific sites though there don't seem to be many women on there. I'd rather put it out there, be honest, not have to have the conversation after someone gets to know me and might be shocked. I did this after reading about others who have done the same. Though, I'm a guy and I think it will be different for me than it will be for the woman I read about.

Are there singles out there that have experience with this? Experience with disclosure after getting to know someone, disclosure up front? Any advice, feedback and/or thoughts. Fear and uncertainty can be so difficult to navigate so I appreciate anything anyone shares.

Thank you in advance for your support! And know I support all of you amazing, courageous, thoughtful people on this forum!

New to the site and I thought sharing herpes my story could bring inspiration and hope to others...

GRAPHIC, but real testimony... Hope it helps

At the young age of 18 I was in a night club partying my face off and I kept feeling this awful tingle in my labia that itched so badly. I wanted to scratch it but I couldn't do it there on the club floor. So I went into the bathroom and after using the bathroom I wiped myself and used a fresh tissue to try to massage the itch away, but it only made it itch more intense. I put one leg up and maneuvered in a very awkward position to see what was going on, that's when I saw what looked like a white head pimple but shiny and would not pop! It sent a weird sensation in my groin area, which I now have come to learn as nerve pain. Determined I squeezed the living hell out of it until it finally ruptured and as it did I felt the most immense pain ever! But I no longer itched. Then I looked up at the bathroom stall door, and as I could hear the build up of an amazing house DJ, I knew, I had herpes. I remember feeling panic and hurt and thinking I was doomed to death. So I washed my hands and did what ever party favor I could get my hands on that night to try to drown my sorrows.

14 years later, I sit here today able to reflect back on that moment, that moment where I felt all hope was lost. I remember thinking, I trusted that guy. You know that guy I had unprotected sex with, who really didn't give a darn about me. Well, I made my bed and now I lay in it.

I had to tell my mom about it because I lived in her house and I was covered under her insurance. My first outbreak was horrible. My labia itched so badly and the lips swelled up to 5 times their size. It was so painful and horrific. My mom had me sit in a tub with salt and tried to calm me down. I cried and cried and I felt so ashamed and embarrassed that I had allowed myself to catch herpes.

Since that first our break, I will get only a couple a year, maybe only one. I know that keeping my stress levels down and eating a healthy diet, help my body to avoid the out breaks. I have paid attention to when the symptoms start. If you are a woman, you may want to consider my triggers;

1. one to two weeks before my period when my hormones shift, i begin to feel the nerve pains in my groin, legs and bottom. I begin to have itching sensations that are not alleviated through scratching in or near my rectum and my clitoral area.

2. highly stressful times in my life seem to trigger them

That's all! So if you experience this, know that your body is shedding the virus and responsibly abstain from sex, or oral sex.

My first love of my life.. accepted me for the herpes. We dated for at least 4-5 months before I told him. He was shocked at first, but he got to know me for who I am and saw past that. Having educated myself with a lot of info, I told him how sex and intimacy was possible for the uninfected and the infected. What types of precautions to take and that was that. We had a healthy sex life for three years. Its unfortunate we grew apart a bit, but, we are still the best of friends. Since then it has been important to me to divulge the information with all of my partners. As taboo as it sounds, its not as frowned upon as you think. I have had relationships with doctors, who even felt comfortable enough that we didn't use protection. I am not encouraging unprotected sex, but when your both educated enough and you learn your body and your honest with yourself and your partner, you can have a more relaxed sexual encounter. So my point is, its not the end of the world. you may go through years of horrible outbreaks, one every month perhaps, like I did. But over time, they became less and less, to maybe one or two a year, and they last only a day or two.

I also thought I would mention that I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy who is virus free. I did not deliver him vaginally, but I have been told its totally possible and we did attempt it, I just wouldn't dilate. The doctors gave me a medication (can't remember the name) while on bed rest in the hospital to help minimize the risk of infection to the baby. I breast fed him for 18 months and he is perfect! The only difference in my life now is as a single woman, I need to responsibly inform my potential partner of my herpes and let them make the choice if they want to have intimacy. Honestly at 32 and a single mom, I dont even want to bother with it. Most men just see me and want me for sex because of how I look, but I am just waiting for the right guy who wants me for me 🙂

Some tips for soothing the outbreaks and lesions that worked for me.

1. Bathing in Epsom salts
2. applying tea tree oil to the lesions several times a day. i did every time I used the toilet. This has fantastic healing properties and dries out the lesions quicker. But I will warn you, IT BURNS, but it will not last long, just fight through the burn. Then you will find relief!
3. Shave the body or genital/rectal area where you think your getting a lesion. Them having a clean, dry area where air can get to it will help them heal quicker.
4. Don't pick the scabs once they scab over. You don't want scars. Just keep applying tea tree oil. Once the scab forms you can add vitamin E oil on top of the tea tree oil.

1. Herpes: Can this program help me?

Hi, my name is Charles Kwang I want to share with you my experience with helping people with chronic health conditions including herpes. Herpes is something that is very interesting because it is created by a virus, but it's the effects of the virus in your body that is unwanted, the skin outbreaks.

So I'm going to show you how the virus and the outbreaks can be handled, but there are two separate things. So, if you want to know if your herpes antibody test is going to be negative the answer is no. 

If you want to know if the herpes DNA test can be lower to become zero that is another yes. 

So a herpes antibody test is always going to be positive, and there's nothing we could change, but if you want to be negative for even having the herpes virus, and if you don't want to have the skin outbreaks then theres something that can be done about that. 

I'm going to go over it exactly how it happens so you understand exactly how this can help you. 

2. Herpes: what does the virus cleanse focus on? 

So, what does this herpes program focus on? 

Well it focuses on not getting skin outbreaks, and then it focuses on what's causing the skin outbreaks. 

I'm going to go over that with you right now. 

So, we have a herpes virus and this herpes virus has made it's way into your body and has attached itself to the nerve. So, now we have a herpes virus attached to one end of the nerve, and thats the nerve we call the ganglion. This herpes virus attaches to nerve and irritates this nerve and inflammation is created. So, now we have a situation where the herpes virus is now attached to the nerve, and this nerve is now inflamed and the inflammation comes out on the other end. It comes out as a skin outbreak, and thats the blistering the redness that's actually the toxins in the nerve that's getting pushed out of the skin. It's like your body's way of detoxing the nerve. But, the virus is all the way on the other side of the nerve and the outbreak is on this side. 

So, the herpes cleanse that we are focusing on is actually two parts. Is now getting rid of the virus first because thats important, and then cleaning out the nerve so we stop the outbreak. I'm going to show you that. 

3. Herpes: how does the virus cleanse work? 

So by the time somebody has herpes and now they have decided they want to do something about it there's basically two types. There's the first type of person that actually does not have an outbreak or maybe very very little, and the blood test shows that they have herpes. Blood test is positive.

The second type of person is a frequent outbreak its on a rhythm. Sometimes it's daily sometimes its weekly. Sometimes its monthly, sometimes its every six months. So, its either you have a herpes outbreak every day and you need the antiviral herpes medication to keep the outbreak under control. Or the herpes outbreak comes once every six months and all the variations between having a herpes virus everyday and every six months. Most women get it when they get their period, and then the outbreak turns on. That means there is a hormonal change and for some reason this outbreak here is now happening. It doesn't matter if you never had a outbreak or your outbreak is infrequent or you just positive for herpes. It doesn't matter if it's daily, or every six months the process is the same. 

So, I'm going to go over that right now. 

So the first thing we have to know about herpes test is there's two types, and if you always test the one you're always going to be tested positive. Once you test positive on this particular herpes test you are always going to be positive for the rest of your life. 

I got chickenpox when I was a kid, so now if you actually test me for chickenpox I will always test positive, but it doesn't mean I have chickenpox. I grew up here in the states, but I was born somewhere else and where I was born they like to give kids vaccinations for TB. So, if you test my blood I'm always going to be positive for the TB antibody, but doesn't mean I have TB.  

So this herpes test is if you always test this you're always going to get positive because you were exposed to herpes, and there's another test afterwards that will tell you how much herpes you have. 

We're going to go over this completely. Okay. 

So the first thing we have to do is we have to understand that the test that everybody gets is called Herpes antibody test. The herpes antibody test once you test positive for it you will be positive for the rest of your life. Since there is no medical treatment for herpes at this moment this test is sufficient, and that's the viewpoint of the medical doctor. Since we are now looking for a solution we're now looking for how to eliminate the virus, so you don't contaminate somebody else and how do you eliminate the inflammation in the nerve so you don't get outbreaks. So those are the two things we want to achieve on herpes cleanse. 

So the herpes antibody test is always going to be positive, and there's going to be another test that you are going to need before you start the herpes cleanse. The herpes DNA Test tells you how much of the virus you have. The herpes antibody test is testing to see if you have been exposed to herpes and your body has created antibodies to it.

So once I was exposed to chickenpox my body now created antibodies to this chickenpox virus, so now I will always be tested positive for chickenpox. If I go anywhere any medical doctor and get a blood test every medical blood test will show that I'm positive for the chickenpox antibody. But, I don't have chicken pox and I cannot give somebody else chickenpox. I was vaccinated for TB, so I have the antibody for TB, but I don't have the TB bacteria in my lungs. So whenever I get a blood test or that TB Test that you do on your skin I'm always going to be tested positive for it because my body contains the antibody. When you do the further test you could find and I've done it multiple times there is no TB bacteria in my body. 

So a herpes antibody test you're always going to be tested positive for, and now we're gonna do this test the herpes DNA test which will actually tell us how much of the virus you have in your system. 

Do this test before you start the herpes cleanse, so you'll know where you're starting from and after we do the cleansing of the virus there is an actual cleanse, herbal cleanse that activates your immune system to attack viruses especially the herpes virus, and when you do that you do this test again and now you can see the change from a high virus to low virus. But, if you do the antibody test the herpes antibody test is still going to be positive. So, once you are done with this part of the test we can start on the actual herpes cleanse, for the virus. Once you are done with the herpes virus cleanse we go onto the second step which is eliminating the inflammation the toxins that are have accumulated in your skin and that part stops the outbreaks. 

Step 1: virus cleanse, after the virus cleanse you do another herpes DNA test to see that your herpes levels have reduced to the point where you can no longer be considered having herpes anymore and then that means you cannot pass it on to somebody else. 

Step 2: we're going to reduce the inflammation in the nerve and that will reduce and eliminate the skin outbreaks. So we'll go over step-by-step more in detail, so you understand exactly what this means and how this program actually works. Okay. 

It actually is a process it does not just a pill and poof everything is better but once you get through the process and we do these tests along the way you can be sure for yourself that you are clean. You will not give somebody else the herpes virus and you don't have skin outbreaks. 

This program does not protect you from getting herpes again, so once you're clean you may get herpes again. So you really have to be careful. Okay. So we will continue on to the next thing. 



6. Herpes: what should I eat while I'm on the virus cleanse? 

So during this process, we're going through a detox and we're detoxing the virus and were detoxing inflammation and toxins. So during this process we want to make sure that we give our bodies the best possible chance of ever making every step count. You want to repeat a step unless you have to. So there's a lot of things you can do to actually stop inhibiting the process. 

Number one: no wheat. Number two: no sugar. No cokes, no sodas, no donuts, cakes, cupcakes, twinkies, none of that. No desserts, no birthday cake, no bundt cakes, nothing. No pastries and no sugar. Last one and this is only for the herpes cleanse situation.

No alcohol, alcohol actually tends to lower the inflammation but it also lowers the circulation and especially when we're trying to access a part of the body that has low circulation to start with. We can't lower the circulation again with alcohol. We want to increase so we want to juice.

So when anybody starts the herpes cleanse or even wants to start before you contact me get on to the juicing part of this website. Download the recipe and start juicing the health tonic. Do that for a couple of weeks and then we could figure out how to get you started. What you do and the fact that you are trying to figure this out is going to make sure that you are going to get through this. There is no easy way for the herpes cleanse, and if you want to just do something to maintain make sure that the outbreak is under control. This is not the program for you.  There's little simple things you can do that you can find on-line. 

This program is for those who want to know how to not have herpes virus in their bodies. How to make sure that they won't pass the herpes on to the person that they care about. How to not have skin outbreaks forever. 

The first person that I did this program for. She had herpes, she had an outbreak every month. Very annoying. After we finished, she's done. She got married. She gets on with her life. The reason why I am telling you this is because that's exactly, thats all you have to know. 

Six years ago, somebody had this they got through the program and now they're done. Now, somebody else came by afterwards. We did the same thing. She's now no longer has herpes. She has no more herpes outbreaks and she has her life back. We've done this over and over and over again until we know that this program works. These are the steps that have to go through.

There's just no way to get through it without skipping a step.

7. Herpes: can I do this program with my current medications? 

Can you take your current herpes medications while you're doing this program. The answer is “yes”.

 If you have asthma, if you have psoriasis, if you have whatever else you have going on. You are trying to handle the herpes and you're all some kind of medication. Either natural or otherwise. The answer is “yes”.

If you have a situation where a problem with your body and you need homeopathic or whatever to keep you going. Can you take those while you are on this program? The answer is “yes”.

You do exactly what you are suppose to do everyday. Except the wheat, sugar, and alcohol. 

You eat regular food. You eat meat, pork. You can be on paleo diet you can be on any other diet you want to be on. But just no wheat, no sugar, and no alcohol. 

If you have headaches and you need Advil you can take that. If you're on some medication for whatever, joint pains. Whatever it is you have to take it, take it. 

Nothing you are going to take will interfere with what we need to do, to accomplish the goal that we want. 

8. Herpes: how do I get started? 

So how do you get started?

Well there's two ways: If you are local and local to Hollywood then come by. Make an appointment, get a idea where you are at. Know exactly what your current situation is. We will figure out if our program can help you. 

Now, if you can't come in. Which is the majority of the people who can't come in. It's too much work. Too far to drive. You got a lot going on, but you still want to handle this. We can do exactly the same,  determine if we can help you and get you through the program and not waste one week more than we have to. Right? Not waste one week extra, and it's going to be the exact same as if you came into the office. 

You sent us a piece of your DNA: hair, eyebrows, eyelashes, skin, cheek swab. Anything you can send us a DNA we can use it to analyze and determine if what our program can help your situation. 

Get you through the entire program exactly and the end result of all this is you get the same result as if you came into the office.

You get the same results as if you were coming into the office every two weeks. But, you could still carry on with your life, and not have to travel to come see us. It's a little weird but knowing exactly what to look for in the DNA. We actually spotted the weakness.

The weakness is caused by the herpes virus so those weaknesses we know if we can find them in your DNA will know exactly how to help you. Okay.

We will know exactly how to help you. You'll get through it. You get the same result as if you came into the office and went through the program, actually have a team of people helping, coordinating. Making sure we can help as many people we can and it works. 

If you have any questions? You can always call. You can always email. You can always figure out how to get more information and you just need to know that this program is there for you. 





I Had Herpes That Medical Doctors Told Me There Was No Cure For.  

I Was Going To Have To Take A Drug For The Rest Of My Life, Which Resulted In My Self-Esteem Taking A Nose Dive,

As The Herpes Were A Result Of Having Had Chicken Pox As A Child, Is A Common Ailment And Dr. Kwang’s Teas Handled The Herpes. My Herpes  Is Gone!  ~A.L.

I had herpes and medical doctors told me there was no cure for. I was going to have to take a drug for the rest of my life. This resulted in my self-esteem taking a nose dive. Dr. Kwang's Herbal Teas and liquid vitamins handled the herpes and it is gone! ~A.L.

1 cup of baby spinach leaves

A recipe is warm water, lemon juice, honey and three garlic cloves. Drink it every morning

Be Able To Create A Future Again

Herpes Detox Cleanse

by Dr. Charles Kwang, D.C.

Whether you suffer from facial cold sores caused by HSV-1, or  genital herpes, caused by the herpes simplex 2 virus, or HSV-2, your doctor has probably told you that there is no cure.

Pharmaceutical antiviral medications can help suppress herpes outbreaks and lessen their severity. Similarly, Chinese herbal treatments work to strengthen the body's defenses against outbreaks.

Can you take your current medications while you do your Herpes Cleanse / Detox program? Yes   If you need homeopathics can you take that while on this program?  Yes   If you have headaches and need Advil you can take that. If you have joint pains you can take your joint pain medication. This program allows you to stay on your meds.  Nothing you take will get in the way to accomplish what we want.

The only exceptions are the wheat, sugar and alcohol.

So I am going to go over in detail how this program works. Each step of the program gives a very specific result.

The herpes does not go to the heart, liver and brain. It only likes to live in the nerve and only the part that is near the outbreaks. Once it attaches to the nerve the circulation goes down further on the nerve. There is not enough of topical medication to go into the area of the virus even if the circulation is improved.

We are going to use our own immune system optimized to get the first result of immune system activated and circulation improved. Over the course of weeks your immune system helps lower the herpes dna and at the end of the herpes cleanse you can't pass the illness any longer. You want to end the skin outbreaks. You decrease the inflammation. . . the toxins that are in the nerve. Getting rid of skin outbreaks tells you you've gotten rid of the virus and you are completely clean. This eliminates the virus in your system and skin outbreaks but not any future outbreaks. Really really insist that they need to show some kind of proof that they won't get you infected again. This program is pretty simple. Each step creates a very specific effect.

I want to share with you the effects of the virus in your body that is unwanted. I am going to show you how the virus and the outbreaks can be handled. Can your antibody test is always  going to be positive. There is something that can be done about it. It is the herpes DNA test.

So what does this herpes program focus on? What is causing the herpes virus outbreaks. You have a herpes virus attached to the nerve called the ganglion. This nerve is now inflammed and comes out as a skin outbreak. It's your bodies way of detoxing the virus.

The herpes cleanse we focus on is

1. getting rid of the virus

2. getting rid of the outbreak

We go through a three part process. The six week circulation is not designed to get through the circulation cleanse. You take a series of herbal teas every day for weeks on end and just when you get through the virus cleanse based on the blood test you take after the circulation cleanse, that shows you are ready for the next part of the program.

We expect no virus at the end of the nerve. We have little little baby bumps at the end but because there's no more active virus so now you get just redness or little bumps.

The last part of the cleanse get rid of the toxins out of the nerve. As we reduce the inflammation on the nerve, the problem is no more; and after the virus cleanse you can no longer pass herpes onto somebody.

It is a process because we are using your own immune system to cleanse your body so it takes time to run the process.

By the time somebody has herpes there are two types of people that want to do something about it.

1. Tested positive with the Herpes Antibody test* or

2. Frequent outbreaks which can come daily, weekly,  or it comes once every six months. Most women get it when they have their period. The herpes virus stays in your body indefinitely and becomes active periodically. Traditional Chinese medicine views herpes outbreaks as a product of imbalance in your qi, or vital life energy. Qi flows through subtle energy channels in your body that correspond to your internal organs. With herpes, the liver channel becomes blocked with stagnant qi, producing sluggish body fluids called "phlegm" that result from stagnant qi. A herpes outbreak occurs when phlegm accumulates and breaks through the surface of the skin. Chinese herbal treatments work by combining different herbs together, rather than focusing on the effect of an individual herb.

Once you test positive you will always test positive because you were exposed earlier.  Regarding the test  'herpes antibody test' --- there is no medical treatment for this because you always test positive for this once you've been exposed to herpes. Example: If you had chicken pox you will always test positive for that even though you don't have them.

We are looking for a solution so you can eliminate the virus and the inflammation in the nerves so you don't get outbreaks.

There is another test... the Herpes DNA test tells you how much of the herpes you have.

A Herpes DNA test will tell you how much herpes you have in your system. After we do the herbal cleanse you do the herpes DNA test you will see it goes from high to low; and once you are done with this part of the test, you then are ready to:

Start the 2nd step which is eliminating the toxins that have acummulated in your skin.

We reduce the inflammation in the nerve so you no longer have skin outbreaks.

This is a process--not just a pill to go poof. You will not give somebody the  herpes virus.

Once you are clean you may get the herpes again so you really do have to be careful.

Research scientists at Harvard have discovered a novel way to protect mice against herpes simplex virus 2 (HSV-2).

Herpes Simplex Virus Type 2

Protection against HSV-2 infections, therefore, could help decrease the transmission of the AIDS virus.

siRNA and RNAi

The term siRNA stands for small interfering RNA. RNA stands for ribonucleic acid, which is very similar, though not identical, in structure to DNA. RNA plays many roles inside a cell. One of the main roles is to transcribe the information contained within DNA.

RNA molecules that transcribe the information from DNA are known as mRNA, or messenger RNA. mRNA is a single-stranded RNA molecule. It carries information from the DNA in the nucleus of a cell into the cytoplasm, where it is then translated into protein.

siRNA molecules interfere with this process. They are short, double-stranded RNA molecules specifically designed to interfere with the expression of a particular gene or gene fragment. They have gained a lot of attention recently, due to their ability to suppress the activity of a variety of disease-causing genes. The process by which siRNA interferes with gene expression is known as RNAi, or RNA interference.

* The test is done to find out whether a person has ever been infected with oral or genital herpes. It looks for antibodies to herpes simplex virus 1 (HSV-1) and herpes simplex virus 2 (HSV-2). An antibody is a substance made by the body's immune system when it detects harmful substances such as the herpes virus.

Herpes Virus / Skin Outbreaks

Natural Alternative Health Program

Our Herpes Ceanse rehabilitates damage done to nerve.

1 virus dna test is at zero, meaning you are virus free.

2  the outbreak of any herpes is no more and you are safe and can go live a normal life.

During this process we want to give our bodies the best possible chance of making every step count. You don't want to repeat a step unless you have to.  #1 No Wheat, No Sugar.... #2 Go off of alcohol.  We want you to JUICE - Before you contact me go to Juicing and download the recipe and start juicing..This program is for those who want to know how to not have the herpes virus in their body, those who want to know how to not have skin outbreaks, and how not to pass the herpes virus onto your partner.

Herpes Overview

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1 in every 6 people aged 14 to 49 have herpes, and most people don't know they are infected since symptoms can be mild and infrequent. Herpes is a sexually transmitted disease caused by two types of viruses: herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1) and herpes simplex virus type 2 (HSV-2). For the most part, HSV-1 causes blisters on or around the mouth and HSV-2 causes blisters in the genital area, however, both virus types can affect both areas. Herpes is spread through skin-to-skin contact, such as kissing and sexual contact. When the virus is dormant, the infected person is not contagious. Once the virus becomes active, however, the disease progresses through the following four stages during which the infected person is contagious.

Third Stage of Herpes: Crusts and Ulcers

About two to three days after bumps and blisters appear, they give way to crusts and ulcers. Crusts, as the name implies, are crusty, yellowish, granular scabs. They are more commonly seen on skin lesions, such as the border of the lip and groin. When lesions are on a mucous membrane, they do not crust effectively, resulting in ulcers--shallow, pink, well-demarcated "craters" where the surface layer of tissue is clearly absent. Crusts and ulcers are often itchy and painful. Viral shedding may continue during this time, making the infected person still contagious.

First Stage of Herpes: Viral Shedding

A few days before the onset of an outbreak, some people experience mild symptoms of itching, tingling, burning, and sometimes swelling and redness in the area where the lesions subsequently appear. The infected person is contagious during this stage because the virus is shedding from the skin. Since there are little to no symptoms during this stage, the infected person may not realize they are contagious and therefore not take precautions or abstain from skin-to-skin contact. Because of this, herpes is frequently transmitted to others during this initial stage of viral shedding.

Second Stage of Herpes: Bumps and Blisters

Sometimes there is only viral shedding and the virus becomes dormant again. Other times, the disease progresses to the second stage and the infected person has an "outbreak" of visible bumps and blisters, either around the mouth (which is referred to as a cold sore or fever blister) or in the genital area. These skin lesions usually begin as painful, small red bumps or tiny, fluid-filled blisters on a red base. According to the American Social Health Association, when this outbreak is in the genital area it is frequently mistaken for pimples, ingrown hairs, jock itch, insect bites or yeast infections, which explains why as many as 90 percent of people with herpes are unaware they are infected. The infected person is the most contagious during this stage because high concentrations of the virus reside in the fluid within the blisters. The first outbreak is the most severe and clustered bumps and blisters may be accompanied by flu-like symptoms. In subsequent episodes, there are usually fewer lesions.

Fourth Stage of Herpes: Healing

Healing occurs as crusts and ulcers are gradually replaced by new tissue. As with other kinds of skin problems, healing occurs from the outside to the inside, with measurable decreases in diameter and depth. In a primary outbreak, the process may take as long as six weeks. In recurrent outbreaks, lesions usually resolve within a week. It is believed that antibodies present in recurrent outbreaks play some role in speeding the healing process. Herpes lesions usually heal without scarring, however, if there is a secondary bacterial infection scarring may occur. Although there is no cure for herpes and the infection can stay in the body for life, the number of outbreaks tends to decrease over a period of years and there are medicines that can prevent or shorten outbreaks, according to the Centers for Disease Control.

Herpes Discussions

Thank You For Your Success Stories

"Thank you sir, thank you very much please help me to eliminate this herpes from my body i need your help sir. please i need your guidance." D. T.

"Would this same idea work with Lyme disease?! Thank you for taking the time to read this?"

Hi Kaitie: YES!!! You are correct. Our body eliminates viruses the same. Viruses attack specific body parts and reduce the immune system. Contact Karla at to find out more about your situation.~Dr. Kwang

“My friend had wins and she told me about Dr. Kwang. I had been looking for a Chinese doctor for years. I practically leapt into his arms when I heard of him. Dr. Kwang’s diagnosis of my condition was more precise and accurate and quicker than any other health practitioner I have ever been to. I had hepatitis 30 years ago and have had trouble ever since. Nobody had discovered that I contracted a tapeworm and it resides in my liver. Within 5 minutes Dr. Kwang had discovered that. Thank you, Charles!” -I.B.

“I was having trouble breathing and also had a few heart attacks. I could not sleep because of fear of suffocation. The first day of treatments, I realized I didn’t need the oxygen tank. Now I am fully active with a new lease on life.” -J.A.

“I came to Dr. Kwang with several very unwanted conditions and in 10 days they were handled by taking the teas that handled parasites and bacteria. I feel full of energy, do not need caffeine and am sleeping like a baby.” -E.B.

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General do’s and don’ts

Here are some general tips for outbreak management.

If you have a cold sore…

  • DO ditch your toothbrush and use a new one.
  • DO load up on rest, vitamin C, and zinc supplements when you’re experiencing high stress.
  • DO use a hypoallergenic, clear lip balm to protect your skin from sun, wind, and cold exposure.
  • DON’T share cups or drinks during the outbreak.
  • DON’T try to pop, drain, or otherwise interfere with the cold sore while it’s healing.

If you have a genital herpes outbreak…

  • DO wear cotton undergarments and loose clothing.
  • DO take long warm showers and keep the area clean and dry at all other times.
  • DON’T soak in hot tubs or baths.
  • DON’T have sex. It’s possible to transmit the virus even if you use a condom