How Yeast Infection / Candida Is Detoxed Step-by-Step the Easy and Quick Activity

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Candida is an organism that lives everywhere. It's in our food. It's in our crackers. It's in our bread. It's in our meat. The most infectious part of Candida is this yeast. The reason why is we noticed is because they can travel in the air. They could travel in the water and it can continue to survive under harsh conditions. So, we know that the yeast version of Candida is the most harmful. It can be stored, stay dry inactive for years. To understand how the yeast is in our system will actually tell us how to eradicate it. How are you going to get rid of something that is now been affecting your ability to detoxify. How we do that is with herbs.

Hi, let's talk about a Candida cleanse. What is Candida? Candida is a type of yeast. Candida is a type of mold. Candida is a type of fungus. So what's Candida? Candida is an organism that lives everywhere. It's in our food. It's in our crackers. It's in our bread. It's in our meat. You can tell because whenever you leave some food out on the counter for a while, we are talking two weeks time. It gets fuzzy, moldy and you know certain foods have so many chemicals in it that it resist fungus from growing.

You get a Mac Donald's Big Mac, leave it on the counter. You go and get a organic wheat bread and you leave that in the counter. You leave both of them in the same counter for two weeks time the organic wheat bread will grow moldy. The Big Mac will be exactly how you left it. You might get some dried-up lettuce, tomatoes, but there will be no mold growing on your Big Mac.

So what is mold? Mold is the stage of life of Candida.

Candida is a type of yeast. When it's in the yeast, it leaves a thin slimy smear on our bodies. Candida can also become a different kind of organism shape we call it a life-form will be yeast. That's in spores. That's the similar to seeds and the only reason why we call it these spores and not seeds its because seeds have two parts of the DNA.

When you have a male plant and a female plant they combine sperm and egg. You make a seed so a seed has a complete copy male and female of the DNA.  

A spore is actually only half and that half is enough to create another organism. So, we call this spore. This is the yeast version of it.

We buy yeast and we put our package of yeast in our flour and we let it rise and that's yeast.

Candida is a smear here, this is actually a fungus. Then another kind of mold that we get. Mold is actually a fuzzy thing, a white fuzzy thing. Sometimes it's blue sometimes it's black.

We call it black mold. We know that black mold in our ceilings. This is mold. OK.

Another mold that is very popular is we use it for antibiotics and that's penicillin. Penicillin is a mold so it's a mold of this yeast and fungus. It's just a different form. So what we are talking about now is the ability for an organism to create life. How does it travel? Where does it go?

We know that the most infectious part of Candida is this yeast. This is the most infectious, we call it. The reason why is we know this is because they can travel in the air. They can travel in the water and it can continue to survive under harsh conditions. So we know that the yeast version of Candida is the most harmful. It can be stored, stay dry, inactive for years.

Some doctors some researchers have found that yeast can survive for thousands of years. They opened up tombs and found ancient forms of yeast in there ready to make bread. They were able to add water to it and revitalize it. So we know that yeast is a very stable form. When it actually enters an area of condition that promotes survival it will grow.

So this yeast is found everywhere. Is found in our food. It's found in our vegetables. It's found in our animals. But, why is it not attacking us?

The reason why is because in our intestines we actually have good bacteria. We know them as probiotics.  Probiotics is a form of bacteria that actually lines the gut and actually creates a environment for food to pass through. Things like yeast cannot enter our bodies. It comes in contact to our probiotics and probiotics actually acts like a shield preventing it from entering our intestines. This is how we protect ourselves. How do we strip probiotics out of our intestines?

Currently, what's knows as. If you eat any wheat and processed sugar. The combination of these two actually destroys the probiotics in our intestines, and that opens up the intestines for attack.

When we have an intestine here and we have probiotics lining the inside of our intestines. The probiotics are actually very good because they allow nutrients to continually pass through the intestines so we can absorb it. We have the blood vessel here. We have nutrients passing through. But, only when we encounter something like an organism, like yeast. The probiotic acts like a barrier preventing the yeast from entering our bodies. So we have natural nutrients flowing past. The nice thing about probiotics is that it digest the fibers of these vegetables that we are eating. Gives us extra antioxidant nutrients that we need from probiotics.

So this yeast passes through our gut. It might cause gas. But, you'll want to enter our bodies. Now if you were to eat wheat and processed sugar it will come through the intestines and actually kill all the probiotics in our intestines, much like antibiotics. So the next time you eat foods this yeast that's found everywhere will pass through and now it's going to have a chance to break through the intestine here because the probiotics are gone. Now it's going to be in our blood.

The next thing that the Candida does is. Candida actually latches on to a white blood cell. You would think that the white blood cell will actually attack this yeast and it does. But, the yeast has a second ability. The first ability was to enter our intestines. The second one is it coats itself with the set of these intestines. There's a chemical scent that we all possess. It's what doctor used to do DNA matching, so you can do a proper transplant. Who are you going to use for a donor match?

So the doctor now knows there is a match by these markers, these chemicals scents. The yeast also uses a chemical scent and it coats itself with this chemical scent. Now you're in a position where this Candida now goes in a wolf and sheep's clothing and now your own white blood cells can attack it right away.

So your white blood cells is here and instead of attacking this yeast. The yeast now piggybacks on your white blood cells. It gets carried further into your body.

Most of the time because it comes from our foods. A lot of yeast builds up in the liver. That's where our food first goes to. It goes to the liver to get processed to be filtered and then it goes into our bodies. So when you detect Candida yeast in your liver. You know it came from food. Now if the Candida yeast actually was more in the lungs then you know you breath it in, you went into an area that had a lot of spores. A lot of yeast and you breath it in and now you have mold in your lungs. What do you feel?

Well the first thing you get is bloating. You get this gassy bloating feeling. The second thing is because it's yeast it loves wheat it loves processed sugar and because of these two things now your body can actually feed this Candida and it multiplies. Much like yeast causes flour to rise when we are making bread and cake. Wheat and processed sugar makes yeast grow in our bodies and when we eat we get this bloated feeling. That's the combination of yeast making carbon dioxide and then when the gas passes we feel better. Another thing you get is sugar craving. If you ever feel like I am hungry but the only thing I want is sugar or ice cream. Well that is your yeast in your system.

If you have any food allergies. Certain foods make you feel sick, that's because the yeast is now in your liver preventing digestive system. Digestive enzymes to be made so if you're feeling very toxic. When you feel toxic is because the detox of the liver has been compromised by having yeast living in your liver. So now you have toxins running through your body, but your liver can't get rid of it. So you can see there's many symptoms that you might feel.

One is toxic, sugar craving, bloating, and you are hungry, for wheat. When you feel this and your life revolves around food all the time. You know you have a Candida situation, and this is where a Candida cleanse. A intensive Candida cleanse is important.

The first thing that we have to address is stripping the coding of this chemical scent that masks the identity of this yeast in our system. Then now activating the white blood cells to actually push through our entire body and detox out this Candida.

So, the first step that we do is we have to strip all this chemicals off this Candida. We have to take it away. So what we are going to be left with is this naked yeast, and that's going to open up the opportunity for more white blood cells to actually attack it.

The reason why I'm saying this is because this is very important to understand how the yeast is in our system will actually tell us how to eradicate it. There's a lot of ways to get rid of it. There's coconut oil. There's intensive anti-fungal diets and that's just all to starve the fungus. The fungus has to be destroyed by activating the white blood cells. OK. This yeast, this fungus yeast, this spore. Has to be completely destroyed and when it's done it's now needs to be eliminated.

Part of the process of Candida is most people don't have a strong enough immune system. I've seen that with people who are chronic who have been dealing with Candida for a long time and Candida has been taking a foothold into the liver. It has actually caused a situation where the absorption and detox has been compromised. Now we have a situation where how are you going to get rid of something that's now been affecting your ability to detoxify.

How we do that is with herbs. There is a step by step program it takes six weeks. In some extreme cases you cannot go straight into the cleansing phase, you have to build the immune system up. You have to build the ability for the body to absorb nutrients again. Otherwise, you don't have anything to fight with. You have nothing left. You have no energy. You can't observe proteins. You can't observe oils. You can't even observe vitamins and, so these people will feel like I bought all these good things but my body can't observe it. It's because the Candida now has been so toxic and it has caused so much toxicity in the system that you actually need herbs to focus on building up the immune system. It takes six weeks because the first two weeks sometimes in extreme cases it might just take six weeks to just build up the immune system. But, the actual Candida cleanse. Eliminating this can be done in six weeks.

So if you been on a Candida cleanse off and on and never seem to get the end of this. There is a reason why. The reason why you are not able to is because your current treatment is not activating your immune system to the maximum. It's not focused on helping your lymphatic system detoxify. It's not forcing your liver to detoxify. It's just trying to kill this Candida and this Candida can only be killed successfully by activating your white blood cells. Which are stored in your lymphatic system. Which are fed by your liver. So you can see everything has to be in place for you to actually cleanse this Candida.

So a step by step program, building the body up. Increasing lymphatic detox and then ultimately activating the immune system would give you a better chance of actually being done. You will actually feel much better. If the Candida was in your liver, the bloating will go away. If the Candida was in your lungs, this congestion goes away. If the Candida was in your head your headaches and migraines go away. If the Candida was in your legs the pain goes away.

So you can see the benefits of cleansing the Candida successfully. It's very important. The Candida cleanse itself is six weeks, but sometimes your body's been so weak. Or the circulation has been so compromised you have to rebuild the ability again.

Before you can actually start the six week fungal cleanse. The six week fungal cleanse is fast. It's not beautiful, it's fast and quick. It activates your entire immune system and lymphatic system, and liver system to just strip your body of this toxin. It's not just the Candida but the toxins of the Candida that we have to strip away. Sometimes you've been able to successfully get rid of Candida, but because of the toxins. The toxins are still in your liver somehow. Your previous practitioner didn't have what was needed to eliminate the toxins. So, you feel like you still have Candida. Even tho your Candida cleanse was successful you don't feel right.

This is another reason why I had to create a system of cleaning out the Candida, otherwise there's no way you're going to be able to help your body heal from this Candida.

There's three thousand different kinds of fungus. OK. Of that there are hundreds of different types of Candida. So Candida is a hundred types of fungus, that grows in our bodies and our immune system is capable of eliminating it as long as the liver can absorb the nutrients to feed the white blood cells, and the lymph system can clean itself out and detoxify. Allowing the detox process to be complete.


There is a better ... a more effective way because the Chinese Herbs created a crash but to prevent this detox crash which is caused by the immune system taking toxins out of the body and putting them into the lymph system. There is a node of swelling and another node when toxins move through the toxins remain in the node whose job is to make sure they are sterilized while it moves through your body. They take part of the toxins to make sure they don't effect the rest of the body. They combination helps the toxins not flow through the rest of your body. This is a ver important point because this is the only part of your body that can handle large amounts of toxins. This detox focuses on removing virus' from the lymph system using juicing along with the Chinese Herbs. You can have control over how the lymph nodes and white blood cells work together to move the toxins through the body. The lymph system is the bottleneck whether its a parasite, candida, etc. In conjunction to what you are doing this will prepare your lymph system to handle the added traffic in your body.

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