There is a natural way to Handle CSR with Dr. Charles Kwangs herbal program.





Hi. My name is Charles Kwang and I’ve been focusing on helping chronic health problems using Chinese, traditional Chinese herbs. I found out the combination of high concentrated nutrition and Chinese herbs works together, it creates a very synergistic effect to create the results that everybody is wanting. CSR is Central Serous Retinopathy and it’s basically water that leaked into the eye and it separated the retina from the part that supports the retina.

So, imagine you have your mattress and then you put your bed sheets. The bed sheets covers the mattress, so that is the retina. The retina is the bed sheet. The mattress is the support and that’s the part of the eye that gives the eyeball the shape. Central Serous Retinopathy is water leaking between the sheet and the mattress, and it pushes the sheets up which distorts the vision. It always happens at the area that we need the most vision, right straight in the eye. If it would of happened on the sides and affects our peripheral vision it wouldn’t be such a big deal. But, it always seems to affect, right smack in the middle where you need the sharpest focus and that’s where CSR develops.

My biggest question has been: Why was there liquid leaking into the eye separating the retina from the support and if the water is going in how do we pump it out?

So that was my question. If the water is going in that means there’s no puncture. It’s not leaking, it’s just normal fluid flowing in. That means that maybe the fluid that’s suppose to come out is slower than the fluid going in. When you have to much fluid going in and not enough fluid going out you create a bubble. This bubble is CSR.

How does Chinese medicine help situations like CSR?

CSR just being simple is water leaking into between the retina and the support. It’s not coming out. It’s not draining out, so the drain the part that allows the liquid to come out if we improve that it’s like unplugging a clogged skin. Then the water just flushes out and where there is enough fluid that flushes out the retina just slowly moves back and it reattaches itself to the back of the eye. Then the CSR is now reversed. We can’t say it’s a cure because it can happen again we just don’t know why the circulation stopped. But, we know that is just the general idea too much fluid going in none of it coming out. You have a collective fluid in the middle. Unplugging unclogging one end letting the fluid come out you get water leaving. Which allows the retina now to move to the back restoring circulation.

What I found was the 6 week circulation program is a very good starting point to see if within six weeks time can we make a change. A serious enough change in somebody. So that we could actually see a difference. We can’t say it’s completely gone but we can see there is an improvement in the CSR. If there is an improvement in the CSR then we have a very good chance of fixing this. If once we fix it because we actually fixed the drain. We unclogged the drain. The chance of it clogging up anytime soon is very low. Can’t say it’s a cure but it’s the closest thing to a cure we have right now.

So, the 6 week circulation program I highly recommend for anybody with CSR. You can order it on-line. You can contact somebody in the office. Either way we can help you. If you feel comfortable enough to just try the 6 week circulation program. Step 1 for two weeks. Step 2 for two weeks. Step 3 for two weeks. See if your vision improves. If your vision improves, then we can actually do a little bit more to help that area be fixed and be more permanent fixed. Can’t say it’s a cure, but its pretty close. Most people are happy when their vision comes back. When medical eye specialist say there is nothing that can be done. Thank you.  


How to eliminate central serous retinopathy By Dr. Charles Kwang

How do you cure that?

What is it?

You may have noticed your eyesight is no longer strong. It’s weaker. Its fuzzier, blurry.

You need more light to see. You can’t see details. Things look blurry like you’re underwater.

The eye doctor says you have fluid accumulated behind your retina and there’s nothing he can do to

reverse it. He may have eye drops to keep the fluid from getting worse. The eye drops may, or may not work. Your doctor also suggest surgery if the fluid builds up too much. Even if the surgery was successful the fluid eventually builds back up. So what are you going to do?

Your eye doctor says there is nothing else that can be done, but deep down inside you know there has to be something out there.


Chinese herbs can increase circulation to an area this means you can increase circulation from the liver to the eye. This brings more nutrients to the eye. Other Chinese herbs can increase circulation away from the eye. This drains the eye. This is what you want when your eye doctor says you have central serous retinopathy. The fluid bubble behind the retina and can’t come out. This disrupts the retinal flatness causing your eyesight to change. The retina is still working, but it’s no longer aligning with objects in front of you. So your retina receives information, but can’t make an image that you know is correct. The retina is worked.

Herbs can increase circulation away from the retina. This will allow fluid to move away from the retina. You know the fluid is decreasing when the vision improves.

You will notice more detail in your vision. You can see other things under less light. You will notice less blur. Once all the fluid is gone, you will get your vision back.

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