Why Do I Have Inflammation?
How To Reduce It!

What is inflammation?

Pain can take over our thoughts, dump crap all over our good times and can seriously impair our quality of life.

As positive as we try to be, it's almost impossible to be our happiest, shiniest, best-ever selves when we're dealing with pain. When you’re in pain, it’s harder to enjoy doing the things that you love. Here are some foods to fight inflammation - my video shows the Kwang Teas you can take to help relieve inflammation as you are healing.

What is the immune system?

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Today’s polluted environmental conditions are laden with bacterial, viruses and all other sorts of infection causing germs, posing an imminent threat to our health. Children are more susceptible to influenza virus attack, causing cough, cold, viral fever and much more. A change of season is a time of nightmare for the parents of many children because some kids are more easily infected than others.

It is made up of myriad atomic molecular cells which work together to protect our body from foreign invaders. Healthy diet and lifestyle choices help to build up the immunity level in kids and adults.

Immunity in kids cannot be measured. But it can be detected if kids are prone to frequent cold, cough and influenza during winters or during climatic changes. Some children will be having respiratory problems and allergies. But the duration of infection is prolonged in those lids with low level of immunity. Healthy diet and lifestyle choices help to build up the immunity level in kids and adults. Let’s go through some valuable tips for boosting immunity in children in the most natural manner.

  1.  Healthy lifestyle: A healthy and balanced diet with proper sleep is very essential for kids to grow up, with a powerful immunity system. Try to include a wide range of food like organic green vegetables and fruits, meat, pulses, cereals and more in a very balanced manner, so that their body is replenished with required amount of vitamins, antioxidants and other anti bodies from natural sources itself. Dark leafy vegetables are rich in natural antioxidants like flavanoids, polyphenols and more.
    1.  Turmeric: It is one of the most integral components with strong anti bacterial and anti microbial properties. In India, it has been in use as a general medicine since centuries ago. Turmeric has a special place in the science of Ayurveda. Nowadays, it is possible to buy organic turmeric which doesn’t have any chemical or synthetic traces in it. As it is in its purest and natural form, turmeric use will be very effective in kids to boost immunity and can be given during cold and cough as a natural remedy.
    2.  Vitamin D: Majority of urban kids are confined to indoor games and activities which expose them to very little sunlight. Natural sunlight is a very strong source of Vitamin D, which is very essential for everyone, not only kids. Ensure that your children get enough sunlight. Let them play outdoors to get fresh air and bond with the green nature. All these will give a positive energy to their immune system, thus making it strong.
    3. Organic amlaA naturally rich source of anti oxidants which boost immunity and reduce the attack of free radicals .Amla is a must-have for children as it effectively fights against cough, cold etc with its high level of Vitamin C.
    4. Focus on probiotics: Pro-biotic foods are rich sources of anti-bacterial and immunity boosters. It helps in the digestion process and helps in fighting against the millions of unwanted gut bacteria. Yoghurt, buttermilk, kefir etc are some natural sources rich in probiotics.
    5.  Organic HoneyHoney is a magic food which gives energy from its natural sugar source to kids. Its antioxidant and anti-bacterial properties can help improve digestive system and help them stay healthy and fight against diseases. With its strong anti-microbial properties, honey can fight against
    6. Garlic: Garlic adds a punch of healing power with its strong flavors, anti-septic and anti microbial properties. Thus, it boosts the kids’ immune system. It helps to open up blocked noses in children while suffering from cold and influenza.
    7. Hot Tulsi Tea: Tulsi is another wonder herb which helps the immune system in kids to be strong. During times of cough and cold, a warm cup of tulsi tea, flavored with ginger and honey is quite effective remedy for cold. Regular use of tulsi develops their immunity, thus making them less susceptible to such as contagious seasonal diseases such as. cold and sore throats.

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How immune system heals?
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How immune system detoxes?



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The Body’s Defense Against Invasion

The immune system is made up white blood cells, proteins, tissues, and organs.

It protects the body from invading microorganisms such as bacteria, parasites, viruses, or fungi.

For the immune system to work properly, the body must first recognize that it has been invaded by foreign microorganisms.

Once this occurs, the body activates the immune response to try and rid itself of the microorganisms.

The immune response is how the body recognizes and defends itself against foreign organisms. Without protection, body tissues are destroyed by the invaders. When this happens, the inflammatory response (inflammation) becomes activated.

The inflammatory response is part of the body’s immune system. During the inflammatory response, the damaged tissues (cells) send out signals to immune cells which migrate to the damaged area.

The immune cells engulf bacteria, release chemicals that kill bacteria, and release substances called histamine. Histamines increase blood flow to the affected area. All of these activities aid healing in the damaged area.

If the immune system is activated for too long, the inflammation continues to persist after the initial release of toxins. My research suggest that when the immune system is reacting to harmless substances that are not microorganisms, such as pollen, it can lead to allergies, asthma, skin rashes, eczema, psoriasis, and hair loss.

When the immune response is prompted by harmless substances in the skin area, it can result in skin problems, or breath and asthma attacks when the lungs are involved.

My theory is that we need to handle the reason behind the problem in order to fully handle any health issue. As mentioned above, the immune response is sometimes prompted by harmless substances which may lead to allergies, skin rashes, eczema, psoriasis, and hair loss.

Medicinal herbs have been traditionally used to support the immune system, especially Chinese herbs. The herbs will increase liver, circulation, and detoxification functions, which will begin healing your body.

The discomfort during the healing phase is the result of detoxification. We recommend different types of concentrated herbal teas at different points of the cleansing and healing phase. It is important to complete the cleansing phase before starting the healing phase.

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