Vegetable Juice  recipes are integral to any detox program

Healthy Juice Recipes from
Juicing Detox Works by Dr. Kwang

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1. health tonic 

 Did you know that today's health problems are preventable by eating more vegetables?
Vegetable Juice RecipesAre Integral To Any Detox Program. 85% of your diet should be  vegetables to prevent cancer and other chronic health conditions. 

2.  skin tonic

Here’s what everyone has been waiting for. Rejuvenate your skin with this juice recipe. Drink this juice for 3 weeks and watch your skin glow like you were a teenager This is the best skin care. .


3. liver tonic

Powerful Liver Cleansing Recipe  Make sure you start with #1. Health Tonic for 4 weeks before you get onto this.Liver Tonic is used to support energy, immune system and metabolism.It will clean out your liver!  
This is a powerful Liver Cleansing Recipe


4. digestive tonic 

Digestive tonic is used to support digestion, increase energy, cleanse the blood. Make sure you finished drinking #1. Health Tonic for 4 weeks before starting this one. It’ll blast your digestive system!   This will wake up your digestive system.  This is a very good Digestion Cleanse and Support Recipe



5. thyroid tonicThis is not for everyone. Thyroid tonic is used to support digestion, increase energy, support hormone glands. If your thyroid is sluggish then this is a recipe for you. Don’t take this juice for more than 2 weeks at a time. Rest a week before starting again. 

6. blood tonic

This can be taken by anyone, anytime. 
If you feel toxic and want a cleanse then this is for you.  This will purify your blood.  




JUICING: Vegetable juice recipes 
used to support any detox program






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