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Generally speaking, detoxification is the removal of toxic substances from your In your body. Detox is biologically facilitated by the liver, the body’s unique flushing system. Detox is necessary when people ingest substances that are poisonous or detrimental to the body’s digestive, metabolic, endocrinal and lymphatic systems.

MyTox™ by Dr. Kwang is his revolutionary TeaTox made of herbs and vitamins to rid the body of food and environmental toxins in an approach to do it yourself as monitored by
Dr. Kwang and his staff of Health Coaches.

It's been an eventful journey from Chiropractor, Nutritionist and Fitness to startup MyTea, with TIPS, TEAS and TESTIMONIALS, I wanted to give you the chance to "ask me anything" about the experience! I’ve kicked things off with the questions we get asked the most by the community and added in a couple of my own. Send your questions to Karla questions.kwc@gmail.com 


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Check out what Dr. Kwang knows about the Lymphatic System

By reversing the flow of gravity, Legs Up the Wall relaxes, renews, and rejuvenates the nervous system.

It calms the mind, relieves anxiety and headaches, brings serenity and peace, and heightens self-awareness. Ancient yoga texts even claim that the pose will destroy old age.

Practicing Legs Up the Wall for even a few minutes a day can be an easy way to revitalize your mind, body, and spirit

Benefits of Legs Up the Wall Pose:

  • Regulates blood flow
  • Alleviates menstrual cramps
  • Relieves swollen ankles and varicose veins
  • Helps testicular, semen, and ovarian problems in men and women respectively
  • Improves digestion
  • Restores tired feet or legs
  • Stretches the back of the neck, front torso, and back of the legs
  • Improves problems of the eyes and ears
  • Relieves mild backache
  • Provides migraine and headache relief, especially when done with a bandage wrapped tightly around the forehead and back of the skull
  • Helps keep you young and vital
  • Calms anxiety
  • Relieves symptoms of mild depression and insomnia


What to expect after Your Customized Virus Detox where the herpes are gone and the outbreaks are gone.


Note: The results obtained in specific cases depend on a variety of factors unique to each patient. Results of past or current patients do no guarantee or predict the same result in the future when Dr. Kwang recommends his program of traditional Chinese herbal teas.

herpes success

The happiest day of my life

* Individual results may vary, and are dependent upon various factors such as your diet, level of exercise, presence of medical conditions, accuracy with compliance, etc.  Kwang Wellness Center suggests that you consult with your physician prior to starting a complementary and alternative health program, and never stop taking medication without consulting your licensed medical doctor or primary care physician first.


Hi. My name is Charles Kwang and I want to share with you something very, very interesting. How I got into fighting viruses was not something I intentionally did, but it was a side effect of the other focuses I was working on. I was working on chronic pain and certain other severe health problems that was life-threatening. When somebody else came into my office for help they were told they had herpes. The herpes virus was in their bodies and they didn't know what to do. The blood test proved they had herpes. The skin outbreaks was proof that they had herpes, and now they had a situation where herpes was going to be a lifestyle. They're going to be stuck with it for the rest of their lives, and that's what I thought. I thought they would be stuck with the herpes for the rest of their lives because that's what everyone says.

Web-MD, medical doctors, health clinics that do STD, blood test. But, this person was willing to try my program. My detox program focusing on the virus and the virus went away. They went back and got their blood test. The blood test proved that they were clean.

Now, if your lifestyle was high-risk you are going to get herpes again. If you are careful and protect yourself. You cannot get herpes again after you finished the cleanse. It's like taking an antibiotics to get rid of the bacteria, and once you take the antibiotic it doesn't mean you are going to be immune to the bacteria for the rest of you life. It just means this time the bacteria overwhelm your body. We're going to help your body by flushing it out with antibiotics. Then your job is to make sure you don't contact bacteria. Wash your hands. Eat healthy foods and you should be fine.

This herpes cleanse that I have done repeatedly is meant to get rid of the virus. Once the virus is plucked off the nerve and cleaned out the blood if there is any. We have to fix the nerve, the inflammation that's in the nerve. Once you fix the inflammation in the nerve. The nerve no longer inflames. There is no outbreak. There is no virus. You won't get anybody else the virus. But, you will get the virus from somebody else. Which is why you have to protect yourself. As long as you go through the entire program and you get it done. There is a very, very, good chance that you will not get any skin outbreaks ever again. You will not be giving anybody the virus because you are no longer contagious. Your blood test will show that you no longer have the virus.

Now, there is a herpes antibody test that tells you your immune system recognizes the herpes virus. That does not tell you, that if you have the herpes virus right now. It just tells you that your immune system was exposed to the herpes virus and it can now recognize the herpes virus.

I had chickenpox so my immune system has now recognized the chickenpox. Now, I have lifetime immunity from the chickenpox virus. Unfortunately, with the herpes virus and because of the way we're contacting it. We don't have lifetime immunity to the herpes virus. OK.

So, like I said if there is a way to get rid of the virus. Not have to pass it on to somebody and not have to go through a skin outbreak. Or to even feel anything about a herpes virus. A natural approach might be an answer for you. I also know there's a lot of people who don't care. The outbreaks is not that serious to them. They don't mind it. They don't care. But, fixing the problem once and for all its possible if you want to do the work. We have found a way to do that.

Thank you.

Herpes: how does the virus cleanse work?

So by the time somebody has herpes and now they have decided they want to do something about it there's basically two types. There's the first type of person that actually does not have an outbreak or maybe very very little, and the blood test shows that they have herpes. Blood test is positive.

The second type of person is a frequent outbreak its on a rhythm. Sometimes it's daily sometimes its weekly. Sometimes its monthly, sometimes its every six months. So, its either you have a herpes outbreak every day and you need the antiviral herpes medication to keep the outbreak under control. Or the herpes outbreak comes once every six months and all the variations between having a herpes virus everyday and every six months. Most women get it when they get their period, and then the outbreak turns on. That means there is a hormonal change and for some reason this outbreak here is now happening. It doesn't matter if you never had a outbreak or your outbreak is infrequent or you just positive for herpes. It doesn't matter if it's daily, or every six months the process is the same. 

So, I'm going to go over that right now. 

So the first thing we have to know about herpes test is there's two types, and if you always test the one you're always going to be tested positive. Once you test positive on this particular herpes test you are always going to be positive for the rest of your life. 

I got chickenpox when I was a kid, so now if you actually test me for chickenpox I will always test positive, but it doesn't mean I have chickenpox. I grew up here in the states, but I was born somewhere else and where I was born they like to give kids vaccinations for TB. So, if you test my blood I'm always going to be positive for the TB antibody, but doesn't mean I have TB.  

So this herpes test is if you always test this you're always going to get positive because you were exposed to herpes, and there's another test afterwards that will tell you how much herpes you have. 

We're going to go over this completely. Okay. 

So the first thing we have to do is we have to understand that the test that everybody gets is called Herpes antibody test. The herpes antibody test once you test positive for it you will be positive for the rest of your life. Since there is no medical treatment for herpes at this moment this test is sufficient, and that's the viewpoint of the medical doctor. Since we are now looking for a solution we're now looking for how to eliminate the virus, so you don't contaminate somebody else and how do you eliminate the inflammation in the nerve so you don't get outbreaks. So those are the two things we want to achieve on herpes cleanse. 

So the herpes antibody test is always going to be positive, and there's going to be another test that you are going to need before you start the herpes cleanse. The herpes DNA Test tells you how much of the virus you have. The herpes antibody test is testing to see if you have been exposed to herpes and your body has created antibodies to it.

So once I was exposed to chickenpox my body now created antibodies to this chickenpox virus, so now I will always be tested positive for chickenpox. If I go anywhere any medical doctor and get a blood test every medical blood test will show that I'm positive for the chickenpox antibody. But, I don't have chicken pox and I cannot give somebody else chickenpox. I was vaccinated for TB, so I have the antibody for TB, but I don't have the TB bacteria in my lungs. So whenever I get a blood test or that TB Test that you do on your skin I'm always going to be tested positive for it because my body contains the antibody. When you do the further test you could find and I've done it multiple times there is no TB bacteria in my body. 

So a herpes antibody test you're always going to be tested positive for, and now we're gonna do this test the herpes DNA test which will actually tell us how much of the virus you have in your system. 

Do this test before you start the herpes cleanse, so you'll know where you're starting from and after we do the cleansing of the virus there is an actual cleanse, herbal cleanse that activates your immune system to attack viruses especially the herpes virus, and when you do that you do this test again and now you can see the change from a high virus to low virus. But, if you do the antibody test the herpes antibody test is still going to be positive. So, once you are done with this part of the test we can start on the actual herpes cleanse, for the virus. Once you are done with the herpes virus cleanse we go onto the second step which is eliminating the inflammation the toxins that are have accumulated in your skin and that part stops the outbreaks. 

Step 1: virus cleanse, after the virus cleanse you do another herpes DNA test to see that your herpes levels have reduced to the point where you can no longer be considered having herpes anymore and then that means you cannot pass it on to somebody else. 

Step 2: we're going to reduce the inflammation in the nerve and that will reduce and eliminate the skin outbreaks. So we'll go over step-by-step more in detail, so you understand exactly what this means and how this program actually works. Okay. 

It actually is a process it does not just a pill and poof everything is better but once you get through the process and we do these tests along the way you can be sure for yourself that you are clean. You will not give somebody else the herpes virus and you don't have skin outbreaks. 

This program does not protect you from getting herpes again, so once you're clean you may get herpes again. So you really have to be careful. Okay. So we will continue on to the next thing. 


When I heard about Dr. Kwang I was in an absolute state of misery.  I was suffering for three years and was battling a problem that has no known cure....I had HSV (herpes). As you all know, this is a disease that not only has chronic nature with constant out breaks, but also takes a toll on you mentally...the feeling of helplessness and frustration were my constant companion  and more so was the worry that I will never be able to lead a normal life.  So when someone told me that Dr. Kwang can help me I certainly had my doubts, as I had done every alternate therapy that was available.  I was not that optimistic about this one.     My point of view changed after meeting him.  Not only did he put me at ease, but also explained that he has, and can tackle this problem. He took time to show me how our immune system works and how his teas handle the viruses and parasites and if I follow his regime I will be healed...again I was looking for a cure and not just suppression, to which his response was simple...let the blood test do the talking.      So I took the tea and felt instant relief...my outbreaks were stopped and I felt healthier than Iíve ever felt. It was a step by step recovery and Dr. Kwang explained to me each cycle. Itís like he knew exactly how my body was reacting and he was targeting the problem areas and thus eradicating the virus.         Finally the day arrived when I had to get the blood test to ascertain my results I was very sure that I was cured, and finally when I saw the test I couldn't contain my joy...it was NEGATIVE...thatís right, the virus was gone.  I was no longer a prisoner to HSV...I was free and it was indeed the happiest day of my life.       I'm indebted to Dr. Kwang for what he has done and so happy that I could experience this miracle!!! I would like to tell everyone who is reading this that there is HOPE, so please donít give up and have faith...I would highly recommend Dr. Kwang and wish that everyone experiences great health and joy through his work...he truly is the MIRACLE man...Thank you Dr. Kwang.  You are and will always be special to me and to all those who have been fortunate enough to experience healing through your amazing teas. J.P.

The Tale of the Chinese Farmer

You’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it twice, maybe from a professor, maybe from your wife. The words linger and your mind wanders, never forgetting the meaning behind the story. Alan Watts telling the story of the Chinese Farmer is a classic. Every word pulls you towards the next, eager to read the rest of the story.

Alan Watts is known for being able to unravel the most obscure ontological and epistemological knots with the greatest of ease. Leaving you to draw the conclusion you desire, you’re left with hope and faith in the world we live in.

“You never really know what is good or bad, because you never really know the consequences of the misfortune, or  you never really know the consequences of good fortune.” Yes, that is true Alan Watts. That is true.




One of the earliest and most popular stories regarding Chinese medicine is the tale of Bian Que, the first Chinese medical doctor, and the crown prince of the Kingdom of Gua. According to the legend, the prince of Gua was very ill and his court physician could do nothing to help him.

Bian Que was summoned to treat the prince. By the time Bian Que arrived at the palace, the prince had been declared dead and funeral preparations were underway. Bian Que was given permission to examine the prince and found that he had actually gone into a deep coma. He gave the prince an acupuncture treatment and then applied compresses soaked in a decoction of herbs. Not only was Bian Que able to revive the “dead” prince, within hours the monarch was back on his feet.

The prince was then prescribed boiled herbal compounds to be taken for twenty days, which helped him to fully recover. Soon the rumors spread that Bian Que was a miracle worker who could bring the dead back to life. Bian Que said “No, I can’t bring the dead back to life, the prince wasn’t dead. I only treated his illness, and that is what brought him around.” This story brings about an interesting point. Why would one medical practitioner declare death, and another theory view it as a coma? That is the key difference between Eastern and Western medicine. One sees a dead person and the other sees a coma.

Dr. Charles Kwang: Chinese Herbalist Dr. Charles Kwang is a skilled Chinese medicine practitioner. He has conducted extensive research regarding the use of Chinese herbs to treat injuries, illness and disease. 


Chinese medicine is a compendium of knowledge that addresses healing and the restoration of a person’s health. The philosophy of Chinese medicine was developed over thousands of years and is based on the concept that the body is self-healing. It is both a healing art and science that uses medicinal herbs to prevent disease as well as facilitate the healing process.


Anyone who has grown up in an Eastern culture probably remembers the smell of boiling herbs in the kitchen. The smell was more often bitter than sweet. The use of herbs to heal the body became part of Chinese folklore. There was an herbal remedy for every malady, injury or ailment.

Certain herbs were known for breaking a fever and others for helping with constipation or ending a long-term sickness. There were herbs for morning sickness, tooth aches, boils and congestion, as well as broken bones, infections and vision problems. Used in proper combination and dosage, they were known for producing miraculous results. While certain aspects of Chinese medicine were documented early-on in written form, the extensive knowledge accumulated by master Chinese herbalists through the centuries has never been fully catalogued.

A few key herbal doctors in each generation would compile and organize the information available at the time. Certain diagnostic points were eventually determined to be common denominators, which helped practitioners in deciding which herbs to use and when. These became landmark findings that were used and fine tuned over time. Even so, much information was lost between generations. If you ever have a chance to meet a master Chinese herbalist, you will find unlocking their herbal secrets a considerable challenge.


When a Western doctor takes x-rays, a CT scan or MRI and says the patient is fine, that just means there are no anatomical changes taken place.

An Eastern doctor may have spotted a gall bladder or kidney beginning to undergo changes that will eventually produce stones. The physiological changes may take years to manifest into an anatomical change. By the time the anatomical changes show up in a scan, the damage is done.


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Future Dream Now

It’s been almost three years since we made the last official blog post about how ri can heal myself works, so making another post along similar lines is long past due. On an interesting side-note, i can heal myself’s traffic is now almost 5 times higher than the “staggering” amount referred to in that post’s opening.

The single most important thing to understand about I Can Heal Myself (and part of what made the  platform for creating communities, and is made up of thousands of active communities (known as “subs”), which are devoted to all sorts of different topics and are created and maintained by regular users.