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 The biggest challenge everybody has is blood pressure and the only reasons because blood pressure there's no pain. There might be some tiredness, headaches, little shifting. There might be a little dizziness, but most people just walk around with no problems.

That's only because your body can handle it. The pressure is a little high, but your body is still dealing with it. You're not going to stroke. You're not going to die right away. But you are definitely redlining your body to a point where you are putting excessive stress on your body. You're actually shortening your body's ability to stay healthy.

High blood pressure is a sign of toxins building up in the kidneys. Your adrenals are working overtime to keep the kidneys working. The toxins aren't coming out fast enough. So now your adrenals keeps the blood pressure up because that's the only way to try to get the toxins out. But, the toxins are stuck in the kidney and so the only way is to try to get rid of the toxins in the kidney.

The toxins could be because they're toxins that shouldn't of gone to the liver. If you put these toxins in the liver it would of came out fast. But, they got stuck in the kidneys, they can't come out of the kidneys. Now they are stuck. Now some toxins are in the kidney and they're just not coming out. It's because the kidney detox mechanism is too weak. So all you have to do is help the kidneys move these toxins out.

Once these toxins are out of your system. Now if your adrenals are happy. They're going to tune down and your blood pressure goes back to normal. It's just that simple. Now, if your toxins are out and your blood pressure is still high. It's dropped but it's not down yet. That's because your adrenals are fatigued. It doesn't know how to wind down. It's like a kid with to much sugar and it forgot how to control itself. By moving these toxins out the kidney and watching the adrenals wind down. You'll eventually will get the blood pressure down.

Blood pressure is not to say that you can't do it with exercise and change of diet. You have to do that, that's how you got toxins in your body the first place. You're not exercising which means your body's circulation is slow. You're eating junk which means you're putting toxins into your body. So of course you are going to have a problem. Start exercising and stop eating junk. Start juicing. When you start doing that now you actually put yourself in a position where toxins now can come out of your body and you can actually start to see the results with lower blood pressure. More energy. Sleep is better. Digestion is better. Now you are normal.

The biggest problem I have seen is, too many people are trying to take the blood pressure pill because it's normal. It's easy and the doctor says you have to take it or else your going to get a stroke. But, if you don't take the blood pressure pill and want to try something else there is a possibility. But if you want to take the blood pressure pill take it right away and then start the diet and exercise. Start everything else and then see if you really need the blood pressure pill.

Once your doctor sees that you can actually control yourself and you've done all the right things. Who's to say you need the blood pressure pill. Blood pressure is something simple. It's toxins in the kidney. The adrenals overworking to force the toxins out by raising the blood pressure. The toxins are coming out because either the toxins should of ended up in the kidney, or in the liver where it would of have come out naturally. Or, the kidney detox is too slow and so the toxins stay in the kidneys too long. Figuring that part out, put the toxins in it's right place. Strengthen the kidneys. All the toxins come out of the body and then watch the adrenals whine down and that's when we start to see the blood pressure winding down.

Thank you. ~Dr. Charles Kwang

Inflammation is an indicator of your body not eliminating toxins. I've been helping people with their health problems with herbs and nutrition.

Juicing is the first step in your detoxing. Juicing for a month will help clear the toxins and show you the difference from being consistent on your program.

Dr. Charles Kwang

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Dr. Charles Kwang is a skilled Chinese medicine practitioner. He has conducted extensive research regarding the use of Chinese herbs to treat injuries, illness and disease.

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In recent years, many doctors have started prescribing antidepressants along with blood pressure medication – the thought being that high blood pressure is the result of stress, which is oftentimes the case. But antidepressants have no benefit on this kind of stress and can only put your health at even greater risk... so please, AVOID making the mistake of taking an antidepressant for high blood pressure. If your doctor recommends or prescribes one for your high blood pressure and not your depression, REFUSE it, as there is simply no justification for ever using these dangerous drugs for this purpose.

"The connection between vitamin D and blood pressure:

  • Lack of sunlight re­duces your vitamin D stores and increases parathyroid hormone produc­tion, which increases blood pressure.
  • Vitamin D deficiency has been linked to insulin resistance (IR) and Syndrome X (also known as Metabolic Syndrome), a group of health problems that can include IR, elevated cholesterol and triglyceride levels, obesity, and high blood pressure.
  • Vitamin D is a negative inhibitor of your body's renin-angiotensin sys­tem (RAS), which regulates blood pressure. If you're vitamin D deficient, it can cause inappropriate activation of your RAS, which may lead to hy­pertension.
  • Exposure to UV rays is thought to cause the release of endor­phins, chemicals in your brain that produce feelings of euphoria and relief from pain. Endorphins naturally relieve stress, and stress management is an important factor in resolving hypertension.
  • According to research presented at the annual American College of Cardiology meeting in New Orleans last year, vitamin D deficiency is associated with stiff arteries.
  • Vitamin D also increases your body's natural anti-inflammatory cytokines and suppresses vascular calcification.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of people are severely deficient in vitamin D, regardless of race or nationality. In the United States, the late winter average vitamin D is only about 15-18 ng/ml, which is considered a very serious deficiency state. Overall, it's estimated that 85 percent of the American public are deficient, and as much as 95 percent of U.S. senior citizens, so getting regular exercise outdoors in full sun could be like hitting two birds with one stone."..

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