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Dr. Kwang has giving me back my child.
The very first time she took the tea she slept.*

"The doctor said there's not much we can do with her.. The doctor at Children's sent her home with more medication and she wasn't eating or sleeping and wanted to put her in a hospice. As a parent you want her to grow and blossom.   Dr. Kwang has given me back my child. Through the grace of God I found Dr. Kwang on the internet. I told him you are my last resort. He said don't speak that way, there is always hope. The very first time she took the Tea she slept and woke up hungry. Within a few days she started getting better and now she's walking and talking. Dr. Kwang said treat her like a normal child. I have been given his card to everybody. Anyone who has a sick child or loved one I recommend Dr. Kwang. Thank You!!"













 WOW! YOU HAVE GOTTEN TO THE CORE, I have never heard any one explain it so clearly and how it hides in the body, it makes sense now why it is so difficult to really get rid of this insidious parasite! Thank You and you will be hearing from me soon! Blessings! -DE

Meredith started the Tea Program with attention on her Blood Pressure and on her Cholesterol Levels.  When tested, they were both inching up as she got older.  She will be 72 this year.  When she went in for her annual physical EVERYTHING was in normal limits and she no longer has to worry about this.  It totally solved her issues!

Naomi started the Kwang Tea Program with attention on her Metabolism and Weight Gain.  She had lost weight down to an acceptable level approximately 10 years ago but had to FIGHT to maintain this lower weight.  Everything has stabilized and she no longer has to have FIGHT to keep the weight off.  It just naturally stays at the desired level!

 I really trust Dr. Kwang and his process

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